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Is This A Corn? Limping


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I have a limping hound again :( This time it's not weekend warrior syndrome though


This morning he started limping on one of his front paws- throughout the day it seems to have got much worse and he now holds it up when standing still.


He is quite stoic, so it's a bit hard to see where the problem is, but he sometimes winces a little when I put pressure on one of his toes - when I looked, there's a small mark on it. I heard that greys can suffer from corns - and that it can be made worse if they do a lot of pavement walking (which he does)


Does the below image look like it could be causing the problem? It's just the same image 3 times as I have the worst luck uploading pictures to here!






Thanks in advance for any help

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Yes. You can take a tiny bit of white toothpaste and rub it across the affected pad. The area of the corn will show up differently. (Wipe the toothpaste off cause it's bad for dogs.) It will be a circular area of callous-like material embedded inside the pad.


If you're on Facebook there is an excellent group called "Greyhounds With Corns." There is a lot of information and support there from people who have been battling corns for a long time. It's a very difficult condition, with no clear diagnosis or cure. You can manage them and try to minimize them, but mostly it's a lifelong situation. If you're not on Facebook, I think it would be worth it to join just for this group.

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I am not a vet, but have had 2 hounds with corns. It looks like a corn to me. Thera Paws will help along with walking on grass. But, mine never held their feet up. Talk to your vet, but mine had never seen a corn until mine had them.

Guess I should have said..my vet had never seen a corn until my hounds had them..lol

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If you're referring to the dark spot, I'm with tbhounds -- foreign body or puncture.

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I would also check another pad - the inner back one I think it is, next to your thumb. That also looks as if it might have something stuck in it on the photo - or it could just be surface dirt of course. .

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Guest nicky604

I don't know.

My last foster started limping soon after he came to me. The rescue volunteers told me to check his toe pads for corns and abrasions.

So, I thought the limping was due to a teeny tiny piece of rock embedded in his toe pad.

For 3 weeks I obsessed over his toe pads, picking minute pieces of sand and gravel out. Putting polysporin on. Bandaging...

Restricting walks, walking only on grass..

Then his limp got worse and he started walking 3 legged at times.

Finally I got approval to take him to the vet.

They checked for a bone infection as he also had 3 big scars on the affected leg.

And did an X-Ray.

Which showed arthritis but no fracture.

So it was due to a previous injury (before he came into rescue).

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