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She Seems A Bit Rattled Or Tense?

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I have had Stella for a month now, and she is just an angel, I am starting to get to know her. Last night I ran the dishwasher, which I know she does not like, and per usual, she looked tense, but last night she went to her kennel. She does that sometimes when the dishwasher is on. However, she did not leave it until bed time. I called her to my room where her bed is, where she normally sleeps, but she still looked tense, soI left the bedroom door open so she could go to her kennel if she wanted to. At some point in the night she went there and stayed. In the morning she seemed fine, but was not overly excited to eat breakfast, but finished the bowl. Tonight she has been back and forth between the bed and the kennel. Not sure what has her tense. I am wondering if it is that fact that it has been a month and maybe she is realizing this is permenent? I am not overly worried, she is eating well, and all, just wondering if it is just an adjustment phase?

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They go through stages of being comfortable in their new home then something triggers discomfort. Is she food motivated? I would suggest feeding her super high value treats while you both are standing next to the dishwasher. Keep the desensitizing sessions short. A couple of minutes each several times a day. Eventually, she'll come to associate good things with the devil-machine. It's only been one month. She'll be fine. Treats are your friend. :)

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Agreed. Treats treats treats! And calm, steady reassurance helps too. I chatter nonstop in a steady, calm, slightly monotone voice while we're walking by something that's freaking Tessa out. I don't say anything profound (:lol), just "Oh, look at that. Seems pretty scary, but it's so not. See how not scary that is? It's just this thing making a silly noise! See? Nothing to be worried about." I don't know if it helps but it gives me something to do other than focus on her being nervous, which helps me not broadcast worry vibes which I'm assuming helps her not feed off my anxiety.


The adjustment period can be a wild ride. Hang in there and try to enjoy it as much as possible! In a while, you'll look back on these strange moments with fondness while she sleeps through things that used to worry her.

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