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My Surprise has more surgery required to remove a hemangiosarcoma on his front left leg that has grown back for a third time. The vet will use a graft held in place by the use of negative pressure, and a sponge and a film to hold the sponge on for about a week. It requires a pump with a tube to be place in the area of the wound/surgery to help the graft heal and I would love any and all comments on this. She said she has used this type of surgery on dogs before and that it has worked really good. It will require me to be with him 24/7 at home so he does not bother the set up for one week. After that it will take a while to heal with regular bandages, etc. They are going to take the skin from his left back leg where it is thin at the top where it connects to the abdomen. Kind of like the skin that is in between the thumb and the fingers (web like area-I do not know what you call that) Here is a human link to help understand. http://www.woundsresearch.com/article/negative-pressure-dressing-split-thickness-skin-grafts-experience-alternative-method. Still looking for a link maybe in You Tube or such on a dog to show this type of thing. Thanks again everyone for your prayers in advance. The operation is scheduled for 11/15/2017. Right now with my other half having medical concerns of his own, travel is limited.

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Good luck to you. It sounds complicated and scary. :bighug


FWIW, My brother actually sells wound vacuum pumps for people, usually to big hospitals and such. They get used a lot for very large septic wounds and ones that have trouble healing. He's seen them work miracles for some patients. I haven't heard of them being used like this though. I'll have to ask him.

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Sounds like the Vac-Therapy bandage Twiggy had to cure her pseudomonas-A infection (which was not readily treatable via anti-biotics - it was extremely drug-resistant) after her osteo amp. She had to stay in the hospital for a week, because it was too heavy for her to wear while still recovering from her amp.


I believe it saved her life that week, & in the long-term may have been partly responsible for her actual cure of osteo.

Wendy with Twiggy, fosterless while Twiggy's fighting the good fight, and Donnie & Aiden the kitties

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I am very encouraged about how I hear these bandages work, but very scared. I have no idea how big the thing is that keeps the negative pressure going, only that the vet told me that I would have to carry it around for a week. I was hoping that I could put a holder on him to help, but not sure. He is a very big greyhound. He weighs 94 lbs. I will be sleeping with him for sure and except when I can get someone to sit with him for a short time when I have to go or bath. But he is my Surprise and I love him so much. My other greyhound is a three year old girl and is so very playful and it will be a challenge. I walk them in the state park most days and this will surely be hard on them both. They both play a lot together. But not to worry about that right now. I got to do this. MRSMCD7 : if you have any more hints or suggestions, I would love to hear more from you in detail on what to watch for etc. It seems like vets don't talk too much unless one asks them the right questions. I ran across a man in the market the other day, as I did groceries for a while so I do not have to go out and he commented on how much I had in my cart. So I explained to him. He said that he had one on his dog, but that it was done with a hand pump rather than what I think I will be using. So I guess that may be different?

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The machine is usually about 6-7 wide by 3 deep by 5 tall. Depends on the brand. When its plugged in it is charging. It has a carry case with a shoulder strap so easy for you to carry over your shoulder for sure. The biggest problem we have with wound vacs are the air leaks but it is easy to troubleshoot once you get used to it. Sounds like you only have to have it on for one week? No problem!!!!


That is the brand I use most often but theyre all similar

Activac on that site is the specific machine I see most often

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The machine is usually about 6-7 wide by 3 deep by 5 tall. Depends on the brand. When its plugged in it is charging. It has a carry case with a shoulder strap so easy for you to carry over your shoulder for sure. The biggest problem we have with wound vacs are the air leaks but it is easy to troubleshoot once you get used to it. Sounds like you only have to have it on for one week? No problem!!!!
That is the brand I use most often but theyre all similar
Activac on that site is the specific machine I see most often






Thank you for this link and your input. It is very helpful. I have really looked at the sitet and also downloaded info. Yes, the doctor said a week. She did say it was KCI. I am getting the Amacar tomorrow for post op. The plan is to have him stay the night, and if he does fine, than bring him home.

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He should begin the Amicar a day or so prior to the surgery. Talk with your vet.


Good luck!

Chris - Mom to: Lilly, Felicity (DeLand), and Andi (Braska Pandora)


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:weep I do not even know what to say here. We took Surprise for his operation on Wednesday as arranged to get the hemangiosarcoma removed. We had worked really hard to get things ready at home for this because there is just issues in our life that require a lot of preplanning. We did food shopping for a month at least and arranged people medical stuff for another time. We were so happy that we finally found a surgeon who would remove this growth. Willing to do the graft, the special treatment for helping the graft take. Labs had been done, x rays had been done and reviews of his history also. Good to go. Operation scheduled one week after exam. We explained to the surgeon that we could not amp. It was understood. She explained that she was very experienced in this and had no problem with it.


Or so we thought or were lead to believe.


Apparently, after we dropped him off, he was second in line to get an operation, the tech shaved a very large area on his front leg where the growth is, than proceeded to shave large area where the graft was to be taken from. I guess then they did the anesthesia. Apparently, the vet did not see him until he was on the operating table. She decided not to operate. She called us in the mid afternoon and said that it had grown 1.5 centimeters in one direction and about l centimeter in another direction in that short time. We were told we could pick him up after 4:30 P{M that evening. When we picked him up, we were given an invoice for for nine hundred dollars on top of what we had to pay for the pre-exam. She had left for the day and an assistant came out, apologized, and an aid handed me Surprise.


Upon checking out, since this was prepaid on the estimate, they did not want to return my funds to my cards. They said that we could have a credit on hand, should we want to bring him back. There was no way that I was going to do that. I truly felt like I was given false hope, don't understand why she did not see him before all the prep. It made us feel so bad that they put Surprise through all that preparation for no good reason. He now is naked on about half of his side, and had to go through getting over the anesthesia. He has a lot of redness where they shaved him so close and some nicks. So I am treating that with wound care stuff. We had purchased bandages, meds, bed, etc. to get it just right, especially with the proposed graft that was to happen.


It is difficult to say what directions my emotions are going at this time. I am somewhat in shock. The whole thing did not really kick in until now about what happened. My greyhound girl got into a serious issue while we were gone, and waiting for Surprise, so there was no time to even think about it till now. She ended up in ER care until yesterday morning.


I want to thank all of the folks who helped me prepare for the operation with the information they sent and for private messages received. The kindness of the GreyTalk members is awesome. It just broke my heart that I am not sitting here with encouraging results.

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:( I'm so sorry. I would be shocked and dismayed as well. Hugs to you and your boy.

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Wow. I can't believe she didnt re-examine him before he was prepped and put under. I would be furious. Are you saying she said it grew that much in 1 week? Did they mention that was a possibility? It may be a really unusual circumstance that it siddenly grew so rapidly, but you would think they would still examine him first. I would be requesting a refund for any of the surgical prep that turned out to be unnecessary. I would start with asking the vet to have a conversation with you where she explains in more detail what happened. All of the other prep you did and not being able to have the surgery is a huge disappointment, but unfortunately what ended up happening, but I would really want to hear more from the vet.


Jen, CPDT-KA with Zuri, lab in a greyhound suit, Violet, formerly known as Faith, Skye, the permanent puppy, Cisco, resident cat, and my baby girl Neyla, forever in my heart

"The great thing about science is that you're free to disagree with it, but you'll be wrong."

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Thanks Jen for your comment. Both my husband and I feel that she should have at least looked at Surprise before he was shaved and put under. She apparently did not.


On top of all of that stuff, I just discovered that they did not give me a copy of the correct x-rays I asked for for Surprise and for Pasadena. I always get copies of their labs and x-rays no matter where we go if they are done. They did not give me the pictures of the current x-rays they were supposed to have taken on 11/4/17 for Surprise and for Pasadena taken on 11/17/17. . So tomorrow I will have to call and get the current x-rays for each of the dogs. This is absolutely nuts. Both CD's I received are copies of x-rays Surprise had back in June 2017 they got from me in the first place. They gave me no xray at all of Pasadena, but labeled the CD as Pasadena but it contained Surprises 6/2017 x-rays.

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The Vet...not her tech or receptionist ... Owes you an explanation. And a refund.




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I can not believe what I just read. I would never return to that clinic-never. Demand credit to be returned. I rec you seeing a qualified surgeon at a qualified clinic-preferably a University where you and your poor hound will be treated properly.

Have you considered making a bit of a trip? Columbus perhaps?

I would be fit to be tied with your current vet.

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It took me time to post this. Because of his love, we have another new friend for Hashtag Pasadena




My Sweet Surprise: The Best of Times


He was born in a van on the way home from the vet.

His siblings were birthed at the vets.

Hence the name” Surprise”.


He was raised on the Greyhound farm.

He got a number, but did not need to race.

We adopted him.


His coat was a thick black fur.

Four white paws,

Tip of his tail was white

And one more unmentionable was tipped white

His chest was white appearing as to

Wear a tuxedo, ready for the ball.


He arrived 10/10/10

With his love HeartSweet (Heart Suit)

They were like music together

Always in harmony.


They danced together into the night

Until 2014 August late

She gained her wings and over the

Rainbow she went to

Dog Bone Town


San Tan Snuggles joined him 9/7/14

Their time was short.

On 11/19/2015

She gained her wings and over

The rainbow she went to

Dog Bone Town.


Surprised loved his walks,

Scratching like a cat after his duty.

He loved rolling in the snow, running in the snow

And making snow angels.


Surprise loved opening his Christmas

Presents and would show others this by

Tearing into the paper and shaking

His squeaky toys with all his might.


Most of all Surprise loved the beach

Surprise loved digging deep in the sand and

Laying in it. He loved the waves and the warm

Salt air.


He was my barker, my protector and

The loving teacher to all of them.

He was again joined by another young

Sweet baby. Hashtag Pasadena.

Showing her how to continue to dig

Big holes into the ground they all had

Shared.. She showed him how to bury bones.


However way too soon, even at almost eleven,

It was time for him to gain his wings and fly

Over the rainbow to

Dog Bone Town.




(paste into browser to listen.)


In honor and

Dedicated with love to our Sweet Surprise.


Surprise 2/22/2008-10/3/2018




This is also dedicated To my friend up North, Mr. Bob who shared with us things concerning Snuggles and Surprise and Pasadena.

I could never thank him enough for all he did for our Sweet Surprise and Snuggles and most of all his friendship.

Edited by SanTanSnuggles
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I have added Surprise to the list of Bridge Angels for October. He is in good company. :grouphug


Hada the podenco maneta, Georgie Girl (UMR Cordella), Lulu the podenco andaluz, Rita the podenco maneta
Angels: Charlie the iggy,  Mazy (CBR Crazy Girl), Potato, my mystery ibizan girl, Allen (M's Pretty Boy), Percy (Fast But True), Mikey (Doray's Patuti), Pudge le mutt, Tessa the iggy, Possum (Apostle), Gracie (Dusty Lady), Harold (Slatex Harold), "Cousin" Simon our step-iggy, Little Dude the iggy ,Bandit (Bb Blue Jay), Niña the galgo, Wally (Allen Hogg), Thane (Pog Mo Thoine), Oliver (JJ Special Agent), Comet, & Rosie our original mutt.

tiny hada siggy.png

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Macoduck, thank you.

Late, as I have not been here for a bit.

Surprise surly knows your respect of adding him to the list.

We  miss him dearly. 

Hashtag Pasadena has a new really really big boy as a friend.

She has taught him all Surprise had taught her, except how to bury bones.

That was special between her and Surprise. 

Thru "Hashtag Pasadena" and now "Into the Future," "Surprise" continues to live forever in our hearts. :beatheart

Greyhounds have a way of giving us love eternally.

Greyhounds Never Forget. 

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