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*** Nurse Nicky's Squirrel Hunting Cure ! ***

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Guest nicky604

Nurse Nicky’s Squirrel Hunting Cure: Specially Formulated for Teeny Women with GREYT Big Pups!

Does your new grey like to turn a leisurely walk into a squirrel hunting quest, every single time?
Does he scour the area and find a squirrel every 5 minutes?
Or do squirrels just naturally gravitate towards him?
No matter!
How many times have you found yourself face flat at the foot of an Acorn tree?
Ok then. Let’s calm down Turbo and teach him some proper leash manners!
You know Turbo can’t catch a squirrel with you on the other end of his leash.
But does he know that?
Nope! Ok, so let’s teach him!
This special squirrel hunting cure is perfect for big strong HIGH PREY DRIVE greyhounds!
Especially those who get so jacked up, they couldn't care less about treats
(including freeze-dried beef liver)!
OK so Turbo X sees said squirrel!
He rears up on his hind legs and starts doing the crab walk!
Don’t worry! And don’t get angry or frustrated!
Calmly and confidently face Turbo, a few inches from his head.
Now hold the leash perpendicular to the ground for balance.
Point your feet outwards like a duck (very important so as not to step on Turbo's paws!)
March forward into Turbo so he has to back up.
4 or 5 steps should do it.
For X-treme cases, 6 or seven steps and repeat.
There! Now he'll will walk nicely beside you again!
Can also be used for intense leash reactivity too!
Do it just before you arrive at the park!
Reactivity to other dogs instantly reduced and improves with practice!
Best when used in conjunction with "Bumpy Bumpy”!
Remember! Don’t get angry or impatient with your high prey drive greyhound!
Instead, have an air of calm confidence and “Back him up!”
Now everyone can relax and feel better! Phew!


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