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Mild To Moderate Arthritis In Left Wrist

Guest goofydog2

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Guest goofydog2

So, Morrie (8.3 y/o with a 139 race history) has been limping on and off for the past 6 weeks and it has become more on than off. We went to the vet 5 weeks ago and the vet felt crepitus in the wrist and prescribed a 2 week period of Previcox. I followed that regimen without any noticeable improvement. Back to the office and his regular vet agreed with the first diagnosis so we went for another 2 weeks of Previcox. Again there was no noticeable improvement.


Today his regular vet took a 3 film set of x-rays that showed mild to moderate arthritis in the joint. She identified 2 places with minimal, if any, space between carpal bones (I can sympathize that bone on bone pain sucks).


The treatment plan is to start Galiprant 60mg daily and to add 6 cold laser treatments. He started the Galiprant today. He will start the cold laser next week on M/W/F, the following week on M/W and the third week on Monday. Dr. Sherrie said the laser treatment results can vary wildly from 'meh to wonderful'. If he has positive results those can last 3-6 months.


I guess I'm looking for input from the H&M gurus on any results they have had with this or be able to recommend other possible treatments.



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I believe in cold laser treatment and laser accupuncture. And I believe in msm and hypericum against the inflammation and pain.

Sorry for butchering the english language. I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum.


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