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Out Of Crate Training?

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Hi there -


I am a first time grey owner and have had my 3 year old boy for about 3 months. There has definitely been an adjustment period, but he is generally doing really well with me and my partner.


He is currently crate trained and stays in his crate when we are not with him, but we would like to be able to start leaving him in the house not in the crate. I need some advice on beginning this process as I have just started and the barking is really bad. He even barks when one of us leaves the apartment (and the other is home with him) when he is not in his crate. He even barks if I go in another room and shut the door...


To be clear, he is mostly fine in his crate when we are not home. We have a dog camera that sends us alerts when he barks and it's pretty rare that he barks in his crate now. Thanks in advance for your help!



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Why do you want him out of the crate if he is comfortable in it. My guys are crated when we are not home and at night for sleeping. They are very patient in their crates, are quiet and seem to genuinely like being in them. I know some dogs do not like their crates, but, it seems your dog thinks of it as his safe space.

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Are you leaving the crate door open? Maybe giving him the choice to crate himself or not would work.

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I would just prefer not to be dependent on the crate for the long term for a few reasons, one being is that we currently live in a small one bedroom apartment and space is precious.


And I will try the leaving the crate open, but it's really about me not being there / leaving him. As soon as I go he runs to the door and starts barking...

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He's not ready yet.


3 months is not a long time, and clearly you have one of the few dogs that actually likes his crate.


Forget about it for now. Try again in a month.


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I'm not personally a fan of long-term crating. But - let me get this straight - your dog was FINE when you left when he was crated, but when you left him un-crated he freaked out? So.... continue to crate for a while. This is still a very new dog, so you need to pay attention when a step you're taking is not OK. It may be OK next month. Wait and see.

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