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Pollock Vs Salmon Oil


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anyone out there using pollock oil ? just wondering if your dog responded as well as many dogs respond to salmon oil. grizzly is now producing a pollock oil- as the customer service rep stated it's main focus is skin and coat vs the numerous additional benefits of salmon oil(joints, internal organs) also it's a lot cheaper(but i found some salmon for just about the same price on amazon- no shipping) .


i finally got the go ahead to reintroduce oils into felix's diet. the current vet(the partner who took him off all fats left) said that he desperately needs the omega 3 oils. if his pancreas flares up just cut it out. that make sense to me. my current bottle of salmon oil is almost finished and it's time to reorder. fortunately he has not shows signs of distress with oil in his diet. i started it slowly.


any comments- WAIT.....what GT members not have a comment? that's why i'm asking...

thanks in advance


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My Sasha has been on one or the other for over a year because she has skin issues. I buy the salmon if there is a sale, otherwise, the pollock. I find them to be equally effective. However, she doesn't get more than a pump or two every other day, or every 3 days. Any more than that gives her pudding poop. Recently, my Penny developed nail issues. The vet recommended a fish oil supplement called Free Form. Penny gets two huge capsules a day. Her poop remains solid. This is telling me that the Free Form is absorbed much better than the Grizzly. Does this help at all? (there is another supplement that begins with a W, but I forgot the name. Of the two, vet thought Free Form would better suit Penny's needs.)

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I have not noticed any significant difference for my crew. Grizzly was out of the salmon oil for quite a while, and the Pollack is cheaper. We give two squirts in each bowl for each meal.


Just introduce it very slowly if there's a chance your boy might have a flair up.

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