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Strange Vomiting

Guest evanetheridge

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Guest evanetheridge

I got my 4 year old whippet back from Camp Bow Wow, he was there for one day, and I could tell on the live webcams that he wasn't enjoying it, he stood around an watched the other dogs run around. Apparently he didn't eat anything. Today, he has been periodically vomiting a foamy white substance in small amounts. He has eaten since he's been home. Is this anything to be worried about? I've heard that's stress can cause this, but he's never done this before. Thanks

Sorry I don't know how the word munchies got there, good old iPhone auto correct

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It's probably bile from having an empty stomach or having an acidic tummy from stress.


Make sure he's not dehydrated by pulling the skin up on the back of his neck and see if it goes back flat. If it stays up, he's dehydrated.


You might start him off slow if he's still not eating by getting him to drink some water with chicken broth in it, or just a splash of Gatorade if he has a sweet tooth, but only a splash, more is not necessarily better.


He may need to be enticed to eat with something yummy like some scrambled eggs or cottage cheese. If he still won't eat, then either a vet visit or one more attempt with a bland diet of boiled chicken and overcooked rice or overcooked pasta. Small quantities to start. Sometimes they will take food if you hand feed them vs putting it in the bowl.


Normally once you get a little something in the stomach, they will then begin to eat shortly after that.


Some people will give a regular Pepcid for an upset stomach, but I would refer to your vet before doing so in case he wants you to use something else.


Good luck. Sorry for the delayed response. I just saw now saw this.


Good luck.


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