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Hey all!


We (my roommate and I) have a home visit for the adoption group set up for this week, which means hopefully we'll have a doggo soon! Anyway, the rep we were talking to seemed initially very concerned that we didn't have a fenced in yard but relaxed a bit when I said we were planning on one or two longer walks every day. Which got me curious; I'd read a while back someone's daily schedule, which for them didn't include any walks longer than 10-15 minutes, and so I'm really just wondering what y'all's days look like with your furry families!


Of course it depends on the dog, which I totally understand, and I'm not planning out my own schedule (yet), but I really am curious to see what the "average" greyhound day looks like!


I think the one I read before was something like:

8 AM: Wake up and feed

8:30 AM: 5-10 minute potty walk

9: Person goes to work, doggo goes back to sleep

6ish/7ish: Person comes home, longer potty walk

8ish?: Feed dinner

10: Final potty walk and to bed

I want to say that they made mention of going to a dog park like once a week, but their individual grey really seemed to have no desire to do much more exercise than that.


Anyway, I know the big things are to go out about 30 minutes after feeding, and to not exercise strenuously after eating, but like I said above, I'd love to get more of an idea of people's schedules!


Thanks in advance to anyone who replies =)


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Out of bed around 7 am, shower et cetera

Walk 30-45 min

GH breakfast, 1.5 cups kibble + extra (often Parmesan cheese)

leave for work ~9 am

Dog sitter visit around half an hour around noon

Brother gets home around 4:30 pm

Home from work at 7-8 pm

Walk 45 min - 1 hour+

GH dinner, 1.5 cups kibble + salt-free tuna

Treat, bed around 11 pm

Max - usually up around 3 am to go out again :-(

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Just feel the dog out as far a pooping with no dog door. Some go out immediately, some wait 20 minutes or so. Nine houses is sort of my borderline gone with no walker time, but that is just me. - ten seals the deal. You don't have to pay full walker rates In. When I had tons of right off the farm fosters I worked splita **s... otherwise a stat at home neighbor or responsible upper high school kid worked fine. Mine (including all the fosters) have learned to sleep until 815 - later if it my day off. . I find last call "go potty go t bed" useful when I;m ready to turn in

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6:30am Wake up and feed breakfast

Shortly after eating go for a 5-10 min potty break/walk

7:30am Human leaves for work

Noon-1pm Human comes back for lunch, dog goes for a 5 min or less potty break

6:30pm Feed dinner

Either before or after dinner we'll do a longer half hour walk, usually with off-leash time

10-11pm Quick potty break before bed


Extra potty break walks are included if human is going out, no matter the time of day. Also at least a 10 min walk before getting in the car. A few times a month, weather/temperature permitting, we'll go on hikes, max 2 hours/4 miles(you can certainly build up to more than that, I'm just not an extreme hiker). I work where I live so it's easy for me to get the dog out every 4-6 hours.(I know he could hold it for longer, but I'm here so why not) If I am off property my roommate takes him out. I have a very laid back hound so he's generally napping on one of his beds while I'm out.


I hope your home visit goes smoothly! I'm excited for you. :)

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At least some of how you structure your day will depend on how much exercise your particular dog needs to be happy and healthy. Generally, an older dog (above 6 or 7 years old) will need a bit less than a younger dog. And even then there are some seniors who couldn't get through their day without their daily 2 mile walk.


Here's our schedule, which is a bit weird since my DH is up most of the night (weird work schedule for most of his life). We have a yard so we don't walk. The 1 1/2 year old and the 6 year old play chase and with a lure pole every day for exercise. The 10 year old joins in as he wants.


4:30am Breakfast and first outs

6:30 potties


10-11am exercise and potties in the yard


@2pm exercise and potties (we go out but usually they don't go)


4:30pm dinner and potties


11pm last outs


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Guest taradaktl

Welcome to the party! New owner here, too! We're still tweaking our schedule to see what fits just right - so far, this is what we've got:

Right now in Phoenix, it can get to be 90 degrees at 8AM... So we're up first thing (about 5:45 - 6:15AM) for our walks. After about a month, we started to feel like Charlie was getting restless and bored during the day, so now we go to the dog park at 6AM to let him run around for about 20 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week.


As soon as he gets home from the dog park, he sleeps til breakfast at 9AM.


My partner or I take him out for a quick potty break once or twice before we go to work around 1:45PM.


We get home around 8-8:45PM and he gets a longer walk since he's been cooped up so long.


He eats dinner at 9PM and then he puts himself to bed (seriously...) around 10PM.


That's our day! It might change a little more when the temp goes back to double digits - longer walks, fewer days at the dog park for longer amounts of time, more strolls through the outdoor shopping areas, etc...

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As for me, I find that the walk before going to work and before bed is the most important. In general, I walk 15-20 mins at least everytime I am leaving my hound(s) alone or before bed. If I don't go out here is the schedule:


5h30 - breakfast then out (too excited for food to p&p hahaha)

6h15 - 15-20 walk

6h45 - going to work

(Sometimes I come in for lunch)

3h45/4h30 - coming home from work, play time in the yard

6h/7h - food + p&p

8h/9h - 15-20 min walk before bed


Once every few days I include an "outing"; we go to the store, we go for a "special walk", the baseball diamond etc. That plays a big part in tiring them :)

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Every dog is different, every home is different; all dogs ask you for is to stick to a routine.


Ideally this is what happens here in a home-working environment:


5.30am in summer, wakes up and wants to go out for 'potty'. (7am in winter)

Comes in and goes to sleep again.


8.30 first walk 25 minutes

Then 1/4 or her daily food ration.


Sleeps until 12.30 - asks to go outside to lay in the sun for a few minutes.


1.30pm. Has a bit more food.


Sleeps till 4pm.


1 hour walk from about 4.30pm, or as work allows.


6.30-7.30pm - dog's main evening meal. Humans have theirs too ... pack eats after a 'successful hunt'


9.00pm - last walk of 15 mins, longer if the evening is nice.


9.45pm - last treats (plain)


Sleeps in lounge. Follows people to her other bed when they decide to turn-in. Say 11.30pm


Sleeps OK til early morning when not ill.


Visitorsalways disrupt the schedule... she'd rather be with them than have the small walks.

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I'm a new owner too! Our grey is 6 years old and isn't much a fan for taking walks, our schedule on weekdays usually looks like this:


6:00 AM- Wake up, first trip outside (we have a fenced in yard)

6:15 AM- feed some dry kibble or a handful of science diet T/D (they're large chunks and she goes crazy for them)

6:45/7:00 AM- Last trip outside for the morning, goes into kennel

4:30 PM- Husband gets home from work, goes back outside

5:30 - 6:00 PM - First dinner

6:30 PM - Back outside

7-7:30 PM - Second dinner (we have to cut Pearl's meals into smaller sizes or else she tries to inhale her kibble without chewing)

8:30-9:30 - Last trip outside

10:30 PM - Bed, back in kennel


Pearl isn't much a fan of walks, although she does love car rides, and we try to take her out at least every hour or two. She won't always go when we take her out, but at least it gets her off the couch and gives her the chance if she needs it! She's been with us for a month and is telling us when she wants to go outside, so we just have to keep an eye on where she's at and make sure we're aware. We do usually have to be more patient at night- when she's really sleepy (before bed) she's resistant to going outside. It takes about 10 minutes of coaxing before she'll do her business, then she heads straight upstairs to go back to sleep! Usually when my husband comes home from work she runs in the yard for a few minutes to burn off some energy and show off for the neighbors, but that seems to be the extent of her desire to exercise :lol Her walk limit is about 5-10 minutes at a time, depending on how much activity she's already had during the day and if she's been awake a lot.


Weekends are much more relaxed, and Pearl is great about letting us sleep in for the most part. We try to keep her feeding schedule consistent so her bathroom schedule stays the same. So far its been working great!

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