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All Around N00B Here, So Hiya!


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I'm Lexy, mom to 3 yr old rescue (a stud, non-recurring, we don't k ow why he and his bitch ended up at a shelter b4 a greyhound rescue.)

He came home forever the last weekend of March, after 20+ YEARS of waiting!!!

(wanted one since was still in HS, just never was in right place and time for proper home til now)

My husband and I live in Nowhere, Nebraska, we've also a 9# Pom-Chi named Bazinga, aka Spazzy Bazzy, who hates does, and is not a dog. She is a mongoose/door bell/maybe a free range sugar glider, and thinks she's at least as big as a Mastiff (I've seen her try to take one on!)

She's the boss, and Oly doesn't mind one bit.

They share 1 brain cell.

We hoped getting a brighter dog would rub off on poor Baz, well, that backfired!!! But I'd never trade em!

We've also 2 standard Grey's, and 2 platinum sugar gliders, and 3 rats who soon will be no rats {they are 2, near end of usual life span)


Then there are the mutts - C my 15.5 yr old daughter and A my 9 yr old son. Both high IQ, esp C, both spectrum (esp A) but fully integrated etc. High functioning, but low EQ. My husband is too.


They live in ATL with their dad as of Xmas break, due to schools here are so awful, my kid who never had a B, has been doing calculus and reading at a college level since 4th grade, is repeating freshman year.

I am a product of this towns HS I didn't wish it on anyone.


But I am also fully disabled with a rare neuropathic disease called RSD (or CRPS). Just know I've 10% use of my dominant hand on the best day, it's the most painful chronic pain known to man or woman, and it never stops. EVER. And it spreads.

8/29 it'll be 10 years since triggering accident at work.


Oly seems to know fairly early on, when he wasn't having much to do with me yet that u was having a worse day, and naturally would come meet me and "brace" until I got settled into my spot...

So I'm training him for that, I showed (and won) for 7 years in 4h with Obedience and Showmanship, and so were just working on BRACE with slight weight/pressure and "leave it"

Along with come/stop which those he totally ignores hehe.


Finally getting fence posts put in tomorrow, yay!

One day I literally blistered up the balls of my feet when he slipped out and played HIDE AND GO SEEK for 1.5 blocks. Our backyard has a huge maple and a huge evil oak. Nice and shady with my Hammock.


Oly decided I belonged to him, and handled the last 2 months with the kids great!

Having some weight issues, I'll post later, think I'm doing everything right, but as a mom of 2 special needs kids, and 4 special needs high matinence pets pre-Olyver, and no job/no life I tend to get over worried. Vet said last week tests all clear etc, and nothing I need to be fussing so much over.


I also ramble a LOT.

And lose focus and HEY LOOK, SHINY, wait RABID SQUIR.... what was I saying?

I'm very disjointed, I don't proof my posts and my autocorrect is awful on everything.

But I've a left hand, normally don't want to mess with my surface, and I rarely see or talk to anyone over 25 besides my mom, my husband, and depending if I hate him this week or not, my ex lol.


I'm also a big geek, video games to cosplay at small cons and well, we both are, too he is movies and comic books, I'm novels and movies/TV....

Love to ride, getting Oly a sidecar for either my scooter or my 750 Bobber, tho my habit of being a klutz keeps me on 4 wheels more often.

(we both ride, both coveted in tats, tho I look like your average soccer mom in my Prius V unless it's summer and I can do shorts and tanks, Jason as full sleeves but no beard etc. We're geeks. His leathers has the Joker on the back, my 750 has a Dr Who theme going now (my last set of bikes were named after Bruce Campbell for pity's sake. And the names...


My daughter is MINE. She's named after a spider and my grandfather I never met/a girl who can start fires,one middle name is a derritive of Morgan leFey

My son's middle name is for a Drum Corps founder.

Gliders are all Neil Gaiman, 2 rats are Dante and Virgil, Bazinga - not hard there.

And Oly.

Not green arrow. No DC in my house (except he and Baz both have batman/woman costumes) nope. Gotta get geekier.

And go son of Rogue and Gambit from X-Men, Oliver.


(I used to live in NOLA, so love Gambit but I'll deny any knowledge that didn't come from a Joss Whedon Avengers!)


OH, in 2018 I'm going to start in on sighthound 2, a Pharaoh if can get a rescue (YES, I'M EVIL. I DISLIKE PUPPIES A LOT.) or a black grey to name Anubis (I've an Anubis and a Bast tattoo that mean the world to me).


I got THE LOOK cause I'm not eating dinner again (I got overheated building a fort cause one of my meds)

When I get this place figured out I'll post the 3 pics he's let me take in almost 4 months. I swear he KNOWS when I get the phone out and turn on camera. The dork!


So HI!

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Wow - what an introduction. 😄

Im not sure I did understand everything correctly (must have something to do with me being not a native speaker 😉).

But nontheless... a hearty welcome from Colin, Andy, Paddy and of course myself from Germany.

Sorry for butchering the english language. I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum.


Nadine with Paddy (Zippy Mullane), Saoirse (Lizzie Be Nice), Abu (Cillowen Abu) and bridge angels Colin (Dessies Hero) and Andy (Riot Officer).

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