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Tips/question For Raw Feeding- Mine Had Diarrhea And Vomit

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I've just started giving my dog raw food. After watching dogfooled on Netflix I started reading about raw feeding and started to realize it is the best option.

So I did the math, checked the fat/protein/amount according to her weight, everything set up.


I started with minced 10%fat meat and she did good, so I added some liver because I've read it's good.

The result, same day my house had vomit and diarrhea all over the place, carpet, bed, living room, kitchen, bedroom, everywhere!!! :(:(:(

We stopped giving liver, but It took 3 days to reestablish a good poop and eating.

So now I've tried some diced lean meat and chicken, apparently the chicken was refused.


I've read here that the poop amount decreased is normal, also the appearance, her is tiny, very dark and runny.


-Any tips to make her poop better?

-Any more parts of the cow that should I avoid , like liver?

I added some shredded vegetables, but it seems she finds a way to separate them from meat and just let them untouched.

-Is it bad to give only minced meat? I mean for the jaws because she doesn't have to chew a lot.


I've read here that people buy "premade" meat, but I have no idea where to get it and I think it's cheaper and healthier to just buy meat in grocery store weekly and prepare myself. If the idea is reduce the processed food on industries, buying pre-made mix is a way of buying the same, but "lightly" processed.

But I know on those mix they have bones and more things, instead of just meat.

I already add some fish oil and coat supplement, because she is mostly bald.


:beatheart Although I really have to confess, she loves minced meat and her bad breath is really better! :beatheart

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Sounds like you are only giving muscle meat? No bone? We follow the Prey Model diet. 10% bone, 80% muscle meat, 10% organ (5% being liver)


You shouldn't even think of adding in organ meat for the first couple months. When you do add it in, go slow! It's very rich.


Try to get your meat vs bone portions figured out first. An easy place to start is to give a chicken quarter. It usually has the right balance of bone vs meat.


Some dogs need more bone in their diet. You'll have to figure it out as you go along. Bone equals firm poop. Let the poop tell you how the diet is going

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I don't feed raw (too expensive) but I am quite sure it isn't just raw meat.


You need to have the right proportions of nutrients. That's why the premade is popular.


A Google search for "raw dog food suppliers, Seattle, WA" came up with this:




You might look into that! Ready made, and they deliver!


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The premade stuff is definitely super expensive, but may be good to use starting out. We buy their meat at a distributor that supplies all the restaurants (and maybe some grocery stores.)


Last trip cost $350 and that should feed all three for 8 months. Buying in large bulk is the key. I also have to take a day off work since the distributor is only open during business hours M-F. Still cheaper than a premium kibble for us. Plus we have had no annual dental costs!




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Oh yes you can't just randomly give them "raw" stuff. You will make them sick. And they have got to have some bone or they will have diarrhea. There are plenty of raw food suppliers-just google it. You will do far better and it will be much easier to just feed the ready made and I don't think the ready made adds any appreciable cost to it. I started feeding raw eons ago and stay with it because it has proven best for my dogs by a long run. However I do not feed raw chicken although a lot of people do. Its just in my mind chicken is more often contaminated and the poops have not been as good and in an article in WDJ they did point out that raw chicken could be contaminated with certain pathogens not present in other raw. I do feed lots of raw turkey though and lots of beef especially tripe. And don't get the bleached garbage from the grocery store and think it is tripe it isn't. The kind you feed is raw green tripe and it is really good for them. I like the ready made all ground up in tubs and balanced with proper proportions of stuff.

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Rule of thumb usually is, organ makes poop runny, bone makes poop hard. You have to find the right mix, which traditionally is the 80/10/10 rule as suggested above. I used to do whole, but it's so messy and takes up my whole fridge that I just do a mix that is ground now. Easy to thaw and serve and the ratios are already figured out.


Lots of good stuff on the food section so search there for additional raw info.

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Thanks everybody!

Laila is better and now I've tried https://www.darwinsp...CFQtLDQodlW8Ayw , so far I liked, but it doesn't have bones at all, so next time I will try http://naturalpetpantry.com/, which is way more expensive, but still worth it.

I've found some butchers near me so I will attempt to prepare my own raw to Laila with bones and supplement her with vitamins too!

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You can't give meat without bone. You'll be missing nutrients bit it also pretty much guarantees loose stool. Bone is what firms it up. So I'm not surprised at all she got diarrhea with the addition of the liver, especially if you gave a lot. But you should not avoid it - it has essential nutrients you can't really get from other things, or not much. You should learn how to feed it appropriately. When I feed organ I feed it alongside a bonier RMB. I would find a good premade are that has meat, bone and organ and feed that until you have time to do a bit more research on creating your own diet.


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You can add a tbsp of bone meal (vitamin stores sell it) to the food to add some crushed bone (calcium, etc). For the vegetables, use level 1 baby food (i used 1/2 of a package when my hounds were on raw). Applesauce (no sweetener!) is another option (I mix it up because I always thought too much fruit would also cause poop issues). I also like to use heart meat ... chicken hearts can be found in grocery stores (esp. if you've got a large asian population that seem to incorporate it in their own diets). You can also find dehydrated chicken or turkey hearts, which my hounds enjoyed as a snack (of course, they had been conditioned to organ meat so we didn't have big problems with poop).


Stella/Chewy's makes a dehydrated raw product -- my dogs love them (I've used them as treats so that I'm giving nutritious treats). There are several brands of pre-made raw mix (in patties and in bulk) ... higher end dog stores will carry them in the freezer section. Start small though ... my dogs really made their opinions about the different brands and flavors quite clear.

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