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Miserable While Deworming

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A recent fecal test showed our grey is still loaded with hooks, despite repeated attempts to rid him of these nasty things. We are currently doing the Drontal Tabs/Advantage Multi double whammy. My concern is that the poor dog seems miserable...pacing, whining, biting at himself and panting. I feel badly for him, but I know we have to get thru it. Anyone else's dog experience this?

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Yes, we just finished a second round of Panacur, and our grey is still scratching and biting himself. I'm assuming another fecal test will come up positive for hooks, so I just want to forget this test and start another round of worming. I'm just not sure if we should continue with Panacur. Our vet said they stopped carrying Drontal because of a huge price increase.

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I heard the Drontal works better as well, the Panacur didn't rid my dog of them anyway. The Drontal was super expensive though, I think $24 for 1 tablet, and at his weight he required 1.5 tablets just for one dose, which we will repeat in 2 weeks!

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Hello GT friends,


Here we go again. This foster has been in my care since May 15, 2017. He has been through the 3days on panacur then in 14 days treat 3days again. four times. he had his follow up fecal last friday and it returned positive for hooks again.

i want to treat him 5 days in a row with the panacur, 14 days apart. he has so improved since in my care, his fur is shiny and filled in and his bones are less prominent. OUR group has had lots of issues getting the hooks to clear quite a few dogs, however they continue to prescribe the panacur 3 days not 5 days. would there be any harm to the dog to try the five day treatment?

i will consider any feedback helpful.


thanks Coconuts foster Mom

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