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Shivering? Cold? Something New....

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We have two litter mates living with us now since the summer of 2014, they turn 6 November of this year. Over the past couple of weeks Chloe has started showing signs of being cold. Only in the morning and even in the house when she first rises. When we go out for first pee, she shivers, teeth chatter and you can see that she had goosebumps by the fur slightly risen. Now, I understand it's cold out, and over night we turn the heat down to 63f but this never happened before. By 8am she seems perfectly fine and shows no coldness on walks. Under 35 degrees they both wear coats. I've never had a Grey show being cold like this, anyone else?

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She may just be chilly in the morning (I know I'm always cold right when I get out of bed in the mornings!), or it could be excitement for the coming day. You may never know. Can you get a pair of PJs for her to wear overnight and see if that helps the morning shivers? I keep my house cold (58 at night usually, and 64 during the day) and my terrier wears PJs. The neighbors laugh at her fashion statement :lol

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It tends to interfere with sleep with some hounds. When we lived in IL, Rocket wore pajamas on excessively cold nights and would sleep through the night with the PJ's on. If he didn't have them on, he would be up and pacing, as well as restless in the wee hours.


You might consider something like a light flannel or fleece housecoat for her to wear at night. Houndtime.com makes one that is just about perfect for dogs who don't need full pajamas but need something for the chill. Irene is a member here and makes great coats.


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Seconding the flannel coat from Houndtime as it produces much less static than fleece.


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Check her thyroid. Sorella was a true hypo thyroid dog and shivering/seeming cold was a first indicator.

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I make fleece, knit and flannel housecoats. My customers tell me that the dogs sleep better, don't circle or nest all night, and are more comfortable in the coats on chilly nights. I have customers in Arizona, Florida and California with senior dogs who get chilly in air conditioning.


My own dogs sleep much better when wearing housecoats. They sleep in crates which are on the floor level which is probably cooler than the height of our bed. www.houndtime.com Thanks.

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Kala does something very similar. When she first gets out of bed she will often shiver and chatter, looking like a hedgehog with her fur all spiked up. Very pathetic, but with no reason for her to be cold, inside especially, I think it's just "excitement" about breakfast, or maybe the "shock" of being awake and out of her warm bed? And then it passes and she's fine. She's done this for quite a while


She does get very cold generally, but doesn't wear a coat in the house since she despises clothing...I just keep the heat up. But I second Houndtime's comment that dogs are much colder at ground level...I was cuddling Kala one day and when I got up was surprised at how much the temperature changed. Hot air does rise!

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