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Context: we've had our greyhound Maisie (almost 3yo) for right at a year. About a month ago, we purchased our first home and moved in. Before that we lived in an apartment.


In the apartment, Maisie never had a problem in her crate. In fact, she preferred to be in there when we were gone. She did sleep in the crate at first but after about six months it was no longer necessary. The crate has been in our bedroom in both the apartment and the house.


Now in the house, it's clear she has anxiety in the crate. Often times we will come back after a few hours and the tray (under the beds) will be pushed out and there are other clear signs she has been nervous. It takes extreme coaxing to get her into the crate in the first place. We've even tried leaving music or the tv going and it still seems she gets nervous. The crate is not in a drafty area.


We are not against leaving her out, but when we've tried to do that she has peed on our rug.


My husband works from home so she is never crated all day, only for shorter periods of time.


Any suggestions? We've even wondered if getting a second greyhound would alleviate her stress, but we know that comes with its own set of issues....


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Dogs are VERY sensitive to electromagnetic field radiation and telluric radiation. They avoid these places for sleeping. If a dog is confined to a crate placed

on such a radiated área, he will always try to escape from there, as he knows that those radiations will harm his health.

So, apart from placing the crate in another área, I would always suggest to leave the door open, so that the hound can go to sleep to a place of HIS choice.


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