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First Day. We're Both Exhausted


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Hi all. I'm Mike. Today I just adopted Dallas. He's a two year old male, only a few months off the track.


The rescue informed me that Dallas had his spleen removed recently. He also has a whip worm. They gave me two medicines for the worm. Said I should check his stool in about 4 months.


Rescue also has him on some anxiety medication because he was aggressive going into his personal kennel . I guess he didn't enjoy being locked up. They said it was probably because of the surgery. They gave me a couple bottles and told me to ween him off. I hope it goes well.


Long drive back from the rescue. Then we went to the store for dog food. After that we arrived home.


Only an hour after our arrival, Dallas peed in the kitchen so I've decided to restrict Him to the living room for now. Was glad I bought the enzyme cleaner before hand. Decided I should walk him very frequently after that. Don't want anymore accidents.


I have a fenced yard. Was planning on letting him run around in it, and do his thing. In a manner of minutes, Dallas found and ate two green cat poops in the yard. Decided to walk him up and down the street until I can figure out how to keep the cats from pooping in my yard. There's lots of strays on my street. I've seen a few sick ones.


Tomorrow I'll go out and try to find and clear out any more green cat poops so Dallas dosnt have to walk so much. I'm guessing the concrete is rough on his feet.


I think I walked him for ten minutes about every hour and a half in the evening. He was fine walking early in the evening, but the later it got the less enthused he was about it. Towards the end of the night, he all but refused to walk or climb the three small stairs. I think he may have even growled at me, not sure.


I can see the boy is exhausted. He had a nap, I think. I hope he sleeps through the night.


I noticed a few small blood spots in the car so I decided to take him to my local vet. She couldn't find any reason for the blood spots, thought it may have been a stich from the spleen surgery. She did gave Dallas a good bill of health. She told me to keep an eye on the spleen incision just in case.


Tomorrow I'm going to spend alternating between crate training and alone training.


He went into his crate today. I had a peanut butter kong in there. I threw a bunch of treats in too, just to see how he does with the crate. He went in and out but was mostly only half in. Tomorrow I guess I'll see if he shows any aggression when going in.



Wish me luck.

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I think many boys pee the almost minute they arrive. "Everything here is mine". He's just freaked!! Give him at least three to six months to settle in. He'll be fine. It's a process.

Cat poo is crack. Hose down those cats if you see them, and block off access if you can.

Where do you live?

Best of luck, it will work out.

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Congrats on your new boy! You may consider having him wear a belly band until he gets the message that peeing indoors is not acceptable. They figure it out pretty quickly.

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:welcome Mike: Congratulations on your new family member, Dallas!


Some of these challenges (worms; house training; and eating stuff that could be unsafe) are typical things we experience with newly adopted dogs. The spleen surgery is an exception (spay/neuter surgeries are typical). Not sure how long into surgery recovery he is now, or if walks might be uncomfortable for him, but you're right, it would be preferable if he's able to safely eliminate close to home during this most focused house training. Until you're able get the cat problem handled, perhaps someone in your adoption group could loan you a 4' tall exercise pen to set-up close to your house door (still within your main fenced back yard) as a temporary hound potty zone. Ex-pens can be set-up in a rectangle or U-shape using the house as one side to expand the pen's space. We opened an ex-pen to use as a flat fence (with metal fence posts) to fully enclose a side yard. Hang in there; your extra caring effort will be so well worth it in your long, loving relationship with Dallas. :beatheart


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Welcome from another newbie :) My boy likes to chew and swallow various undesirable things and we've found a turnout muzzle helpful for going out in the yard. You can buy an extra piece for it called a stool guard, might help stop him eating cat poop. I had to brush cat poop and litter out of my boy's mouth.. barf. (house rearrangement after that). He peed in the house several times until I learned to read his very subtle body language. He still doesn't tell me, but he becomes ever so slightly unsettled or just walks around, or occasionally glances towards the door. Once you know each other, everything will be so much easier. Bringing home a new dog is stressful! But so worth it after the first month or two. Congratulations and all the best to you both :)

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Give him a little time to adjust. Remember, everything he is doing or expected to do is new to him. Others who are more into training will chime in with tips, but just remember that as much of an adjustment as it is for you, it much more of an adjustment for him. You'll be surprised how well he settles in once he knows the routine and what is expected of him.


His paws will toughen up as he is walked, but you can try some paw wax or Mushers Secret on the pads to help protect them.


Good luck and Welcome Home Dallas!


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Welcome to you and to Dallas! How'd he do overnight? An alternative to a belly band is leashing him to you on a long leash. You'll know the instant he starts to pee inside, and can immediately take him out and praise him enthusiastically when he pees/poops outside.


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Sounds like you are taking it all in stride. Good for you. It's all very new to him, and he doesn't know how to signal you to go out and relieve himself either, so it's good you are taking him out on your own accord, but he'll figure it out soon. They love routine, so once you settle into that, it should go more smoothly. Remember to go easy on the treats too, or he'll get an upset tummy and have more of a problem in the house than just pee. :)

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cats in the back yard... sit out there with him for a couple of hours at a time, also turn him out on a regular basis. My boy's best friend is his ear cleaning, face washing rescue CAT, however Conrad has NO problems with explaining to interlopers, be it, rabbits, ebil squirrels, other dogs OR cats, he 'splains it to them it is HIS yard [we have a wrought Iron fence and one of the neighbors has no gate so we get dogs visiting]


also, welcome

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