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Poop Issues New Grey, Worms And Weight Loss

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Hi all,

New grey owner here! Have posted once about bonding but having some health issues we need advice on please.


We have had our 3 y/o boy about 11 weeks now. He came to us at a weight of 82 lbs and his racing weight was 80 lbs.


He had mostly soft stool from the beginning with some with slight form. We put him on eukanba when we first got him, which was a switch from Purina dog chow adult from the rescue group. He was put on doxy for about a month because his white cell count was high and the vet thought maybe he had tick borne disease.


He also was diagnosed with hooks, which we have treated twice with a 5 day course of Panacur. We saw a live worm (guess you can't see hooks, so had to be another kind of worm, but what other worm could survive 2 rounds of Panacur other than hooks?)AFTER the double treatment and so he was then treated with Drontral plus as he had some blood in his poops so was also put on metronidazole. He also had a blood test for allergies which said he is allergic to pork, peas, corn, wheat and peanuts. Many of those things were in the Eukanba so we transitioned him to yet another food.


We have had him on a probiotic, Fortiflora flora since we got him. His poops are nothing but soft serve goo and have not improved the slightest with No form and I even feel they are worse then when we first got him and wonder if the new food is not right. He has been on it over 3weeks. We felt he was skinny and weighed him today and he has lost 5 lbs in one month!!!! He is not vomitting and is eating.


I ordered some Olewo carrots thinking it's worth a shot, but am wondering how if I shouldn't add something else new into the mix. I am pretty concerned now about this weight loss and don't know what I should do to resolve the poo either. Any help is much appreciated! 👍

Many thanks!!!!

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The Olewo carrots are said to help with worms as a natural dewormer. Whatever you do, only make one change at a time, or you won't know what worked. Rocket has had stress colitis for years, and after using Olewo carrots, the poop just bounces when it hits the ground. I am a believer in the carrots.


I think a bland diet of cooked chicken and rice for a few days might help reset his tummy before moving on to something new. I usually use Evnager's canned chicken dog food in place of cooking my own chicken since it is already ground up and ready to go. They have a regular cooked chicken, or an organic one. Either is fine depending on your preference. Cook a pot of very mushy rice or pasta and mix in with the chicken. Use 2-4 times as much water as normal and make it mushy.


Good luck. Hope your hound is feeling better soon.


Always missing my boy Hi Noon Rocket and Kate Miss Kate. The home of Petunia, MW Neptunia, and Starz, Under Da Starz.


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If you can see the worms (yuck!) it is probably tapeworms. I believe that requires a different medicine, but it has been awhile since I had to deal with them, so I don't recall.


Praziquantel is effective against the tapeworms that are transmitted by fleas. Fenbendazole (Panacur and other brand names) is good for just about everything else, including some other tapeworm types. Tapes and roundworms are usually the only easily visible worms, but if it was roundworm, the poop would be full of them after a deworming. With a new dog recently from a kennel environment, a flea transmitted parasite seems reasonable.


Whips seem to be more prevalent lately depending on location. After a deworming, there can be enough of them in the stool to see with the naked eye if you look closely (like thin translucent hairs), but for the most part, off meds they are about as visible as hooks (not).


Your Eukanuba, like Iams green bag, is one of the "gold standard in solid poops" dog foods. Unless the food itself is incompatible, chronic soft stool may be indicative that there are still parasites present.


Another trip to the vet may be in order. If you can collect a visible worm, that would treatment more effective. Good luck.


The Olewo carrots are a good post treatment cleaner and can help firm things up, or this time of year pumpkin with the seeds included ran through the food processor or a good blender will do pretty much the same thing.

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