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Crybaby Girl

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First I have to thank so much this forum, so many people had helped me with my fearful Laila and now after 5 months with us she is blossoming and feeling more comfortable.

But now she became a crybaby, she learned that crying is a good method to get things.

She cries at 6am to pee, to eat.

She cries because she wants cuddles.

She cries because I am in a different room and she wants me in the same room as her.


For everything she whines, in the beginning I found so cute, but now it's just annoying so much crying.


Is it normal? How do I avoid that, is ok just ignore? If I ignore the whining gets loud and loud and then starts a sad barking.


She is such a crybaby, hahahaha.

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Ours too started whining for everything after a while. We chose to redirect to another action. So now instead of whining, he goes in his special spot and look at us like a Jack-inn-the-box until we figure out what he wants :P usually food ;)


Anytime he would whine, we would put him in his spot then fuss about him. After a while he just went there and waited to be fussed on :) or fed ;)


Ignoring would have worked I guess if DH didnt gave in when the whining got more intense...But yea totally fine to ignore, but you must ignore until she gives in :P

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Yes. As long as you know she's using the whining to "train" YOU to respond to her, it's OK to ignore her. In my opinion, it's even OK to tell her to knock it off, go lay down, or whatever other command gets her to be quiet! ;):lol It's also OK to redirect her to an appropriate chewing item or toy to distract her when she gets like that. I would stay away from offering food/treats in this instance as she may feel she's being rewarded for whining.


Having a more vocal dog can be a good thing and a bad thing, for all the reasons you already know! It's actually a great sign that she's feeling more relaxed and settled!

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