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Getting More Vocal?

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Tracker is going to be 10 soon and I've noticed he's become more set in his routines and wants everything just so. If something is not to his liking, like dinner appearing at 4:45 sharp, or in other situations, he'll start barking. Not incessantly by any means, but you'll know someone's miffed. He's not done this in the past. He's always been on the quiet side. Is this age speaking? Have others experienced this, too? It's not a problem, I'm just curious. He's my first dog, so I wouldn't know.

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Yup. Rocket has gotten somewhat talkative and whiny at times. He'll be 11 next month. He's figured out that we respond to heavy panting, assuming that he needs to go out or that something is wrong. He likes to start that at about sunrise now when he doesn;t want to stay in the bedroom but also doesn't want to be in the living room alone, so he pants until one of us gets up and goes to the living room so we can watch him sleep. :bgeorge That's my boy.


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Myka has become more vocal, too. She just turned 10. I wouldn't say it's age, more like knowing what she wants and being certain to tell us exactly what that is.

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