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Sore Foot: Corn Or Bruise

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About a week after we moved, Joy stepped down wrong (on a stone I think) and has been limping off and on during our walks. The foot isn't swollen and wasn't cut. She limps only on pavement and even then only on some types of pavement. She seems fine when the pavement is smooth but limps on rougher pavement. I'm leaning toward a bruise on her foot rather a corn just starting to come up. She doesn't seem too bothered by it; and, even though I try to encourage her to stay on the grass where possible, she insists on walking on pavement unless she wants to sniff something or do her business.


Any thoughts on treating it?

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If it was me I'd put a boot on that foot and try to protect it as much as possible. Since you have to walk there's no way around having to be on hard surfaces. A boot will help whether it's a bruise or a corn. Just FYI, she probably won't like wearing it at all!

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