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Kidney Disease In Shih Tzu

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Some of you may know me - I was Alan's (Yopon Alan Wag) mom. He had kidney disease but I was able to control it. My son's dog, a shih tzu, Princeton, has kidney disease - his numbers are very high now - near end stage. Today, he will not eat anything and therefore we can't get any of his meds into him. He had sub q fluids last night and seems ok - but refuses to eat. Anyone have suggestions of what to offer? We've tried numerous things. He's only, or was only 9.5 lbs. last week. He tested positive for lepto quick test which I was told could be a false positive. He needs another blood test to be sent to Cornell University and a blood count again. Last blood count was 20. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Susan

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It's hard for me to recommend treatment offerings as I obviously don't know all the history nor how far your son wants to do with this little guy but, hospitalizing him to run iv fluids and start injectable meds may be an option. If he's a lepto suspect he should be on antibiotics.

I'm not sure what oral meds he's taking but, I can imagine it's minimally Pepcid and cerenia? You could try an appetite stimulant called mirtazapine. Regarding food I would try chicken baby food or even the white meat from a roasted chicken.

All the best <3

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Thank you tbhounds. Pepcid, norvasc, sub q, carafate now in case blood count low from bleeding ulcer. No fever. Ate up until last night - offered chicken, baby food, egg, dog food, cottage cheese. just don't know what else to offer. Will have to go to vet again tomorrow.

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I'm sorry he's ill, Susan. :(


Sometimes when they don't want to eat, something completely different will get them started again. Applesauce, spaghettios, poached chicken livers (not too many), canned tuna or mackerel, macaroni and cheese, honey nut shredded wheat or cheerios, ice cream, cream of wheat ....


Best thoughts.

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If the little guy won't eat, he might drink some vanilla Ensure. Best of luck. I remember you :grouphug

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