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Memorial Tributes To The Greyhound Health Initiative Through Northcoas


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Our hearts go out to the families of the following greyhounds and family pets for whom sympathetic friends have provided a Memorial Tribute through Northcoast Greyhounds:

Kennedy Barry

Sophie Herron’

Lily Hendrix

Bandit Mews

Mickey Koski-Edwards

Phoenix Clayton

Friday Eller

Sooner Wilder

Gypsy Weber

Chewy Skalsky

Jake Dudick

From each memorial gift, a $25 contribution to Dr. Couto’s Greyhound Health Initiative is reserved until a total of $250 or more is accumulated. The check bering mailed today will be a $300 contribution. The list of pets being memorialized can be read on Northcoast Greyhounds’ Memorial Tributes page: http://tinyurl.com/m9y8b67

A copy of this printed email will accompany our check to Dr. Couto - we always ask that he or his staff read these names to themselves, in the knowledge that the lives of each greyhound listed here and the caring of their extended families, support his efforts and research into extending greyhound lives in the future.

Take wing, all you new Greyt Angels and Furry Friends. Godspeed. You'll be as well-missed as you were well-loved,

Cara Brockhoff
Northcoast Greyhound Support
FUN-Draising for Greyt Causes

Cara and the Northcoast Greyhounds






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