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Guest smeehan03

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Guest smeehan03

My new boy finn was recently adopted into our family, but my first grey wyatt) is having a lot of anxiety and jealousy over the situation. I know it takes time and they may never be friends, but how can i help calm my boy down about having the new grey in the house. I have love both of them and can not think of giving him back. I try to spend quality time with moth of them but whenever we do anything together wyatt gets very upset! any advice and past experiences would be great!


Sorry i'm not sure exactly how to post pictures on here







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What behaviour is Wyatt exhibiting?

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Muzzles I had to use them around here for about two weeks on the Galgos.

The same here. Andy was mostly annoyed with Paddy living with us. It took him several weeks to accept him and even longer to like him. But when Paddy got stung by a wasp this summer and developed a severe allergic reaction with high fevers and abscesses. He stayed with and even slept next to him until he got better. Now we are back to tolerating Paddy...


...but I know it's just the way they are with each other.

Sorry for butchering the english language. I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum.


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Now we are back to tolerating Paddy...

I feel your pain :lol


To the OP, congratulations on adding a new friend! It has helped with my Paddy to try to spend extra 1:1 time with him so that he doesn't feel slighted or pushed aside by the addition of another hound. Good luck!

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