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New Food, Weight Loss?

Guest rachel2025

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Guest rachel2025

When we adopted Heart in June, she was eating Purina One Lamb and Rice, but having soft stools and gnawing on her feetsies at night. Our vet suggested a couple of other brands, and after two months of experimentation, we have landed on Zignature Lamb kibble. This is a pretty high-calorie food, and suggests much smaller servings than anything we've used before. I did the math to match calorie count of her last food, and am feeding her more than is recommended. The problem is that she seems to be getting a little ribby to me. I took her to get weighed a couple of weeks ago and she'd dropped a couple pounds. She was at 58.5 from 61.


Has anybody had this experience with a higher protein food? Her poops are pretty magnificent on the new food, the paw-chewing is down, and her coat is softer, but I certainly don't want to starve my baby girl!! Should I try feeding her even more?


Bag recommends 2 2/3 - 2 4/5 cups for 60-80lb dogs and I am already feeding 3.25 cups (total, over three feedings -- the lady likes breakfast, lunch and dinner).


Thank you!




p.s. Trying to post a pic but cannot remember how!



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Do you know what her racing weight was? It could be possible she was a tad overweight before. Most animals, like people, tend to lose weight when they cut out large amounts of carbs and eat more protein. My cat lost weight being switched to a diet like this (in a good way as she was overweight). It is okay to see some ribs, but if she has lost 2 lbs already she may also need more food. The amount you are feeding seems like a good amount, but some dogs just need more. Hard to tell without seeing her, but her racing weight can give you a better idea of what a healthy weight might be for her.

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