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I heard an interview with one of the researchers this week, it sounds really interesting. Here is a link to the interview with the researcher.


The Dog Aging Project They are trying to enroll 10,000 dogs into the longitudinal study. The other study is a clinical trial of a 10 week low dose course of rapamycin. I believe this is what has been studied in the past for the dogs with osteo. In this study the dogs need to be at least 6 years old and weigh 40 lbs. From the website:


Rapamycin Intervention Trial in Pet Dogs

A small number of interventions have been shown to reproducibly and robustly extend lifespan in mice. Among these, the best candidate for working similarly in dogs and people is a drug called rapamycin.

In order to meet our goal of increasing healthy longevity in pet dogs, the Dog Aging Project is performing an intervention trial to treat middle-aged dogs with the FDA approved drug rapamycin. At high doses, rapamycin is used successfully in human patients to prevent organ transplant rejection and to fight cancer. At low doses, rapamycin slows aging and extends lifespan in several organisms, including mice, with few or no side effects.

The first phase of this study is complete (see summary) and we are currently in the process of planning Phase 2. This next phase of the study will enroll a second cohort of middle-aged dogs into a longer-term, low-dose rapamycin regimen designed to maximize lifespan and healthspan extension. Several age-related parameters will be assessed before, during, and after the treatment period, including cognitive function, heart function, immunity, and cancer incidence. We intend for the second phase to include dogs from around the United States, and, if possible, the rest of the world. Click here if you would like to register your dog to be considered for the long term rapamycin study.



I signed up to enroll Doodles and Bowie in the longitudinal study. I signed up Bowie for more information about the rampaycin study.

Sunsands Doodles: Doodles aka Claire, Bella Run Softly: Softy aka Bowie (the Diamond Dog)

Missing my beautiful boy Sunsands Carl 2.25.2003 - 4.1.2014

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