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Torn Pad

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Mazy had her nails dremmeled Friday and upon returning home promptly did zoomies in the yard. By bedtime she was limping.


I was able to press all over her paw and up to her shoulder with no reaction. No swelling anywhere.


Saturday morning I saw her licking and I checked her paw again. She now has a tear on one paw that I know wasn't there on Friday night. And today, Sunday, it looks bigger with a bit of skin flap coming up from it.


So far I have:

- kept the area clean with a toddler sock

- done epsom salt soaks

- applied triple antibiotic ointment


Is there anything else I can do until I get the vet to check her?


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It's hard to tell what's going on from the picture, but I doubt a vet will tell you to do anything differently. Unless that flap is really bigger than it looks and needs to be numbed to be removed. Otherwise, you can clip it off yourself or have the vet do it. Keep it clean and dry and watch for infection.


We have this happen quite frequently around here and things heal up just fine on their own.

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What Chris said.

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i generally do everything that you initially did and the LEAVE IT ALONE! it's a scrape which is sensitive but they do heal pretty quickly when left alone. there will be lots of licking and maybe some nibbling of the flap but with in a week their "workmen's comp" is usually over and the pad is healed.


trust me, felix has ripped, sliced, torns, scuffed, nicked, bruised each and every pad on each and every paw including ripping off his stop pads. btw, they grew back. the most disgusting was when he skinned his pasterns and i could see the tendon. he balked about that being bandaged, that's when i started leaving things alone. but i do bandage torn webbing.

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i wouldn't go to the Vet for that...just try and keep it clean.

The Little flap will eventually fall ..or get chewed ... off if you don't want to trim it yourself.


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Ouch that looks raw! I would definitely try to keep it clean when going outside with a sock or bootie. Razzy has torn pads a lot and they do eventually heal, just takes a long time for that skin to re-grow. I also do let her lick it a little, I believe for something minor they can sometimes heal themselves.

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