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Miss Molly Update

Guest makalataylor

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Guest makalataylor

Hey there!


I took some suggestions from my last post, and Molly is doing better. She is still nervous about things, but isn't near as bad. She hasn't tried to bolt. We've been working on come with a long line, and she is doing well. She has even started to pick up on sit and lay. Also working on her surging up the stairs, after 3 or 4 times of stopping and going back down the stairs when she would try to leave my side and pull, she figured it out and stayed by me.


We met with the trainer who helped me with her manners on the leash, and we are going to start in her backyard and work up on building her confidence. The trainer is VERY gentle and only uses positive reinforcement.


We still have a ways to go, but I have noticed some improvement. She is OBSESSED with cheese, which is making a difference as well.


Yes, she is still spooky and hates things like trucks and street signs but we are trying to make them pleasurable.



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Sounds like good progress! Thanks for posting an update. Glad things are working out with the trainer too.


(I have a cheese fiend too. She can hear a Babybel being unwrapped from across the house.)


Rachel with littermates Doolin and Willa, feline rivals Tootie and Richard, and squatter cats Crumpet and Fezziwig.
Always missing gentlemen kitties Mud and Henry, and our beautiful, feisty, silly

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