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Silly Question...how Many Times Do They Have To Poop?

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Maybe is just a silly question, I know each dog has their own metabolism, but how many times is expected for a Greyhound to poop?


Laila used to poop 4 to 5 times!!! really soft and huge poo and suddenly after 3 months, and now more confident at her new home she reduced her pooping times to 2-3 times a day, medium size and more firm.

Should I be concerned about any health issues or is it normal, due the fact she is spooked and now is more comfortable with us? No recently diet changes.

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I guess she starts to settle in and becomes less nervous. In Germany we have a saying "der Stress schlaegt mir auf den Magen" means stress effects the stomach and creates trouble with digestion.

Sorry for butchering the english language. I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum.


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It's an individual thing. My Annie poos at least 3 times a day and if we get in an extra walk, she always manages to squeeze something else out bringing the total to 4. If it looks good and is firm, or as long as it's not diarrhea, no worries. My girl has formed poos but they squish so I can't say they are firm.

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Sweep goes 2-4 times per day depending on how many walks she gets, and it's usually softer by the 3rd or 4th.


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I've had dogs who would poop on every walk, plus in the yard, so up to 4-5 times a day, and others who would only go once a day. It sounds like your girl's early poops were stress related and she has now settled into what is normal for her.


and yes, we can all talk at length about dog poop :lol

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