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Urinary Issues?

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Brandy recently had a vet visit for a pretty bad UTI- she was given Amoxicillin for 14 days which cured the UTI and stopped her accidents inside the house.


She still seems (to me) to take a long time to empty her bladder, she will have a strong stream but she will just dribble for a good 10-15 seconds after she gets the bulk of her urine out. Is this normal? The vet was concerned about bladder stones, and wanted to do an x-ray- I held off on it because of the cost and wanting to see whether the antibiotics solved the problem first. Would it be worth it to have the x-ray done anyway? Ultrasound? She doesn't have any problem holding it for the 7 hours I am gone during the day at work, and will happily go do her business outside now. But the prolonged (?) squat has me wondering. And I don't want the UTI to become a recurring issue, as I'm sure it feels awful to her and is expensive for me. Has anyone else dealt with anything similar that could chip in advice, or am I just being a worry wart? She acts perfectly happy and normal, I would imagine bladder stones would affect her behavior too?


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Did you do a urine culture to ensure you were using the correct antibiotic?


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If he didn't culture the urine, he was just using an old standby antibiotic. They might have cured it, or they might have only relieved it temporarily.


An x-ray isn't expensive, but it will only show one of two types of stones. I'd have your vet run a urinalysis again.


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