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Diatomaceous Earth For Hookworms

Guest bernadette

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From Vet Info ( https://www.vetinfo.com/treating-dog-hookworm-diatomaceous-earth.html):


Proper Use for Treatment of Hookworm

Having diatomaceous earth ingested by a dog to treat their hookworm infections can be a long process. Large breed dogs should be treated with one tablespoon of food grade product daily for 90 days and then another tablespoon every three days after that. For smaller dogs the recommended dose is one half a tablespoon. This will become a regular part of your dog's diet. You need to make sure if you decide to use the product that you do so after reading the directions carefully and you should only use it if you are going to commit to using the product as directed.

The Vet Info page has lots of good info on it.

I treated my two with the nightly teaspoonful added to their kibble. (I added water and stirred because you don't want you dog sticking his nose in a bunch of the dry powder.) Once we finished the daily doses, we went to the every-third-day doses (basically, any calendar date divisible by 3). My girl doesn't love the DE, but she'll tolerate it. My boy doesn't seem to notice it. There was a noticeable improvement in poop at about the two-week mark: they both stopped producing yellowish, soft, foul-smelling mountains of poop.

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Guest bernadette

AMAZING! Less than a week on DE and we just got back a negative fecal. I am SO HAPPY! $13 for a two pound bag of food grade DE on Amazon!

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Check your local Tractor Supply or feed store.

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