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Weight Loss On Pregnasone

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Has any experienced weight loss in there hound when giving them pregnasone? Stella has been on it for a few weeks now and we are tampering the dice down now but she has dropped from 63 lbs to 53 lbs and lost 3 lbs in the last two weeks.


Her weight has been a. Bit of a roller coaster sence we got her she was 55 lbs and sick,worms. Them we got her well and she got up to almost 70 lbs to heavy for her as I think her race weight was 65 lbs.





Dino and Stella

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Do you mean Prednisone?


Kasey had the reverse side effects while being on it. Instead of weight gain and being hungry, he lost weight and but was never a big eater to begin with. Never heavily drank either, but thankfully he was on a low dose for most of his life. At his healthiest he maybe tipped the scales at 70, but his racing weight was 66 and he usually hovered around this. A little skinnier than I would like, but that was just him!


How is her appetite? Have you tried feeding more? Have you tried Satin Balls (they help with weight gain)?

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Yes I am sadly very familair with it. I watched sweet Aggie literally waste away to nothing while on it. There is nothing you can do. If they absolutely positively have to be on it to live, as Aggie was, it will buy them some more time-until they have to leave because it has literally just melted them away to nothing but bones. If it is not a life and death situation I won't use it-period- because it hurts too bad to watch them slowly waste away. And yes I have used it on more than 1 dog. Some dogs react differently. I will also mention that I had 2 hounds over the years that required a significant dose (~40mg) according to the vets for suddenly appearing conditions- and BOTH hounds were dead the next morning after only the 1st dose. Needless to say I won't ever allow another of my dogs to be dosed like that again. Prednisone can be helpful but it is FAR FAR from innocuous imo. I am sure many others will tell you how wonderful it is. This has just been MY personal experience with it.

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