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Paw Pad Healing Time?

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Rebel had his corn removed. It will be two weeks tomorrow. The vet used a biopsy punch in order to get clean and deep margins. She put two stitches in to close the pad. It has been a battle to get him to leave his foot alone. He managed to mangle one of the stitches and now has an open wound. He is on antibiotics, just in case and I'm doing warm compresses to also help with healing. How long does it take for pads to heal? Is there anything else I can do to speed things along? He is still limping and hesitant to bear weight on it.


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Possibly cold laser therapy? Not sure if it is useful on a pad, but it was hugely helpful when Zuri punctured the skin in between his toes.


What does your vet say? That does seem like a long time.


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It has been a long time since I had a corn surgically removed from Nadir's foot, but best I remember it took about 6 weeks to where he could bear his weight on it. I never once regretted doing it. It was the best thing I could have done.

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I think I had to lift Rex's 80# off the stoop for about two weeks. He had them on all 4 paws. The corns quickly came back and I wasn't going to put him through that again so I just used duct tape which worked well. Not a surgery fan. His was done by the head of small animal medicine at Texas A&M vet School who was also a greyhound breeder so you can't cite lack of experience on the vet's part.

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i had Remy's corn surgically removed, and although i cannot remember how long it took to heal, i remember very well that it did nothing to keep the corn from coming back... i learned how to hull them as i was not inclined to keep paying $75/corn to have vet remove them every 4 weeks... nothing worked to stop them from coming back...

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