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An Experiment With Calming Signals

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I frequently use calming signals with Chase to help him feel more relaxed. Friday I had him at the vet and thought I'd try out how they work with an unfamiliar dog. While Chase was getting x-rays taken I went to wait in the lobby. A lady was sitting there with a golden retriever that started barking in an aggressive manner when I entered the room. Instead of looking at the dog, which I'm always tempted to do, I sat as far away as I could and turning my head away I began repeated open mouth yawns. After about a minute and a half of this the dog stopped barking and laid back down and remained quiet the rest of the time until she had to go back to an examing room, at which point the loud barking started again.

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Guest gzgreytfun

When we first got our girlie, Milenka, she would whine and move around at bedtime. Bill and I had someone suggest sighing and breathing slowly and audibly. It did the trick! She settled in faster each night until she quit fussing altogether.



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