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Gold Beads For Seizures

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A few (3 ?) people on the Yahoo canine seizure list had it done for their dogs. A I remember, there are only 2 or 3 practicioners doing it around the country. I believe it is placed in acupuncture points and not necessarily in the head. From what I remember, the results were mixed - 1 got got better, one dog stayed the same and the third got slightly worse. This was a few years ago so my memory might not be right.


The website for the canine epilepsy has some references for it on the linked page --




You can also sign up for the group from the main page.

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I had a friend who did this for her GSD many, many years ago. The dog did improve for a short period of time but eventually went downhill. She tried everything available at that time for her, but sadly had to let her go.

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