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Swelling Of Left Back Leg

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My 12 year old girl has an extremely swollen leg from toes all the up to the hip joint. She has been to the vet and had x-rays done with no luck in finding anything. She is on pain meds and two types of antibiotic just in case it is an infection.She drags the leg around behind her. She cannot lift it up. We just built our house and the yard is not fenced yet, so any outside time is spent with us, so no unknown bites could have occurred.

To add to the problem, she has Sundowners or the beginning of doggie dementia. She is fairly ok during the day but the minute the sun goes down, and we settle down for the night, she pants and whines most of the night. (Not much sleep gotten by any of us here!)

She still eats great and goes out to the bathroom with a little help.

Any experience with this? Our vet is just left scratching his head.

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Kasey had a tumour that restricted blood to the leg. I couldn't believe how much it swelled, that leg looked like a Husky leg. Agree with vascular above. Blood is restricted. In the meantime, massage the leg, sometimes successfully the blood can find another way around a blockage, you just have to help.

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FWIW, Max just went through a similar bout, though maybe not as bad. Initially diagnosed as a sprain, turned out to be a puncture wound that was abscessing. I don't think either would show up on an x-ray, though the vets here may correct me on that. BTW, I have no idea how he got the puncture wound.

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