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My fiancee and I have had our beautiful greyhound girl for over a year now. It's our first greyhound and we've learned a lot. Our dilemma that has continued throughout the year is the fact that our girl will pee, sometimes poop, when we leave her home alone. She never does it when we're around. We also never leave her for longer than five hours. Here are the things we have tried:


-Crating her (she tried to chew out of the crate and would injure herself and/or have explosive dihhearea from nerves)

-Walking her beforehand. She will still go on the floor even if she was well exercised.

-Leaving the TV/radio on.

-Leaving a Kong full of peanut butter/a chew toy to keep her busy

-Spraying the carpet with enzymes/perfume to mask the scent

-Giving her some Xanax to calm her down


I don't honestly think she has major anxiety anymore. We set up a camera to watch her and she just lays on the couch until she has to go. We have learned that she only does it on days that she's off her schedule. What I mean is that I'm a teacher and on work days I take her out regularly at consistent times. She never pees or poops on those days. It's only on weekend days or summer days where her schedule is slightly off. Any help would be welcome! Thanks in advance!



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If known via camera, it would help to know approximate times she typically eliminates after your departures(?).


The diarrhea never happens at any other times? If she's had any other loose stools and hasn't had a recent fecal test, it could be helpful. If she's struggling with parasites/worms in different growth stages (diarrhea may be worse at times), vet medication could eliminate that problem. (Parasites/worms are very common among racing kennels/farms/parks. Even if treated upon adoption, it may take more than one treatment series to fully eliminate them in different growth stages.)


Otherwise, like people, it's not uncommon for dogs who are feeling anxious to need to eliminate more frequently. Sometimes their body isn't physically able to hold urine/bowel as long as they can while humans are home and dogs are feeling fully secure/relaxed. The more elimination opportunities, usually the better.

E.g.: Our severely anxious hound needs to eliminate upon awakening, soon after breakfast, after humans' shower (she's watching departure cues and becoming more anxious/excited not knowing yet if she'll get to go with human/s), and one more calm outing (not stressed/hurried) within 5-10 minutes of humans' departure.

Most Greyhounds also prefer to eliminate after awakening from a nap, after play, before meals and bedtime.


I assume her eliminations are not related to medications or food transitions. BTW, please be careful to not reprimand her for these indoor eliminations. Greyhounds are highly sensitive and if they even feel their owner is upset, it increases their long lasting stress hormones which compound and increase anxiety related behaviors.


If you live in a house with a very secure 6'+ tall fenced yard, a doggie door might be an option. (Only if you're sure there are no potential launching platforms like garbage cans, wood piles, furniture, etc. near the fence providing a potential escape route. Ensure she's safely locked inside the house during fireworks, thunderstorms, etc,)


Agree that Greyhounds are highly accustomed to routine. Feisty49's suggestion is excellent re: arranging a similar 7-day per week potty schedule for your girl. Perhaps someone could stop by to provide a potty break if you have a special engagement to attend on weekends.

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If possible, keep to your weekday schedule on weekends. I know that weekends are supposed to be relaxed, but if it keeps her from P&Ping, it would be worth it.


I agree with Feisty49, I had the same problem, I think we just have to stick with the same schedule the whole week, if I get late a little bit poop and pee for sure.

Unfortunately mine can't wait for so long, some people say their dogs pees just twice a day, my pees 4x/day, if I skip her schedule for a little more than one hour I'm sure there's gonna be a pee mark in my carpet or pad.

Maybe you should try to train her to pee and poop in a pad or specific palce at home so it wouldn't be so messy if you miss the time.

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The answer is right in your post: she needs a consistent schedule every day.


It's tempting for us humans to loll about on weekends, sleep in, skip walks. Her doggy brain/bladder/bowel doesn't compute that Saturday and Sunday are not the same as Monday and Tuesday.


This isn't a housebreaking issue: this sounds more like you aren't meeting her needs on those days. I'm sure it's not intentional, but dogs THRIVE on routine. Greyhounds probably more so than others, having lived a regimented life (I don't say that in a negative manner--I myself thrive on routine too!) of regularly scheduled turnouts.


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