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Newly Spayed - What To Expect?

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Meet my new edition, Daphne! She comes home Sunday. She will be spayed Wednesday. All of the hounds I have adopted in the past were altered before reaching the adoption group. So I have zero experience at the moment. What can I expect or what modifications do I need to make so she has a smooth recovery? I will be asking my adoption rep the same questions but would like to be prepared before bringing her home.




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We always say to not let them jump (into the car, out of the car, onto beds or sofas) or full-out run for a week or so after a spay. You'll want to keep an eye on the incision for any redness or swelling, and make sure she's not licking at it, but other than that...it's not much different than adopting one who was spayed a while ago.

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I have a Daphnie- aka Daffy is -

my new foster and she was fine- she had her spay this week tuesday, she returned here foster home, and was fine until yesterday- she has started to lick at the incision site.

I have checked it is not pink or red, the stitches and the incision look fine, she has cleaned off all the previously flaky blood.

she has started to respond with GSOD - it began when i tried to check her hears, i had asked that they clean them while she was under sedation, because

i attempted to clean the gook last week and she yelped and cried like she had severe issues. Since she returned on wednesday from the vet i tried to look at her

newly cleaned ears, but she wanted nothing to do with that.

she screamed i left them alone. so she is training me to not look at her ears. well i need to fix this. she will let me touch her toes, and she likes grooming - i have

nubby mitts and she seems to like being brushed- she is blowing off all her Kansas winter fur, since moving to Arizona she won't need that under coat.


what can i do to keep her from licking her sutures?

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