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Newly Adopted Grey Very Quiet And Won't Come When Called. Stairs A

Guest Mossy

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Guest Mossy

For perspective, it's Tuesday today. I adopted Philly on Saturday from my local greyhound adoption agency. He was in afoster home for a few days before coming to me.

I know greys are usually quiet and scared the first day but I wanted to make sure Philly's behaviour is normal. I was told by the agency that he's a bit skittish. He always has hisb head down when approached and when I'm 'talking' to him. I've had to physically lift his head up to give him praise and affection.

He won't come when calld. I understand he doesn't really know his name yet but yesterday, I left his crate open and called him to go out for his last turn out, he didn't budge. I tried to pull him out (nicely) and he just stiffened up. Plus he doesn't go up the stairs yet so I had to leave him there in the cage all night.

Came home from lunch today again and same thing, he didn't want to go out, just stared me down and of course I had to get back to work so I left.

He only comes to me when he hears his breakfast or dinner being prepped, then he follows me like a magnet.

Is this normal?

Also I need an experienced person to help with the stairs (it's just me, single gal). The first time I tried him on the stairs, he froze (still got up) and on the way down, he skipped 1-2 stairs and got hurt, think one of his nails scratched him and cut him. Those are not healing as I expected.


So I guess I have 3 issue up there.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Oops posted in the wrong thread. Sorry. New here.

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Congrats!!! Take a deep breath! Then 10 more. This is normal. ☺️ His whole world has been turned upside down. He's never been without another dog ever!


Just let him adjust. If he's pottying outside, eating enough food to survive, and seems calm, just let him be. A tip would be to carry cookies in your pocket! 😉 Make life outside the crate interesting and yummy instead of overwhelming.


Stairs can take a while. Scrapes and scratches are part of normal greyhound life. You can blink and they have another random bleeding scrape! As long as it clots and there is no heat/swelling I don't worry.

Oh and if you need to move him off of something or out of his crate, clip a leash to his collar. He will most likely follow right along then. Don't forget to reward with a cookie! LOL




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Congrats on your new friend! This from your post: He only comes to me when he hears his breakfast or dinner being prepped, then he follows me like a magnet. Start with that. Keep little treats in your pocket, snacks like tiny kibble, mini-milk bones, mini-marshmallows, goldfish, some little thing that's easy for you to carry that Philly will be interested in. If he is interested in food he's going to be much more motivated to learn, and to bond with you. That's an excellent thing in both your favor. When you are gone are you leaving a soft TV or radio on for him? For years I have left Janet Marlowe's ZenDog CD playing while I'm away, it does seem to have a wonderfully calming effect. Good luck! Give your good boy time to adjust, everything is new and foreign.

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Guest asaccamora

So one thing on climbing down stairs, short leash your dog till he is comfortable on them. Short enough to where you need to keep pace with him in order to climb down.


If their front foot slips and they leap, the landing could be trouble.


As for climbing up, we did foot by foot for a few days and we dreading it but one fine day she was like, oh stairs, I know how to climb them.. What a weirdo :heart

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Guest mmmberry

How would you like it if some stranger broke into your house and pulled you out into the front yard? I don't know about you, but I'd bite. Don't pull him out of the crate. If he doesn't want out, leave him be. Also, use LOTS of mini marshmallows. Don't worry about weight gain for now, you can always cut back later, after he's fallen in love with you.

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Time and Patience, esp with a known shy dog.


It took our Kingsley a month to learn stairs, and *years* to be comfortable outside... heck, what am I saying, he never really liked having to go outside!


As others have said, that is Great that he is food motivated so happy voice and a special small treat any time he heads your way


And let that crate be a safe place--- I think that will help the transition so he knows he does have a safe place where he can get away form all this newness!

Amy and Tim in Beverly, MA, with Chase and Always missing Kingsley (Drama King) and Ruby (KB's Bee Bopper).

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One way that I bonded with Brady is I sat on the floor and hand feed his dinner to him a number of times. I think it helped us bond.


The handsome boy Brady, mid-morning nap. The sun, the sun feels so, so, so good.

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Guest AtticusMom

I have always gone through a "what have I done?!" phase, with all of my pets. What you are going through is completely normal. I would bet in a few months time, Philly will have integrated into your life, and you will look back on this time as a funny memory. :) My first grey took more than six weeks to wag his tail. He was always a bit of a "statue" on walks (and, at other times), if I'm honest. Over time, he revealed himself as a love bug, wonderful companion, and excellent ambassador for the breed. Time and patience is the key, as said above.

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Stairs: You usually have to teach them, sometimes one foot at a time. Do a search in the Training & Behavior forum for stairs and you should find some suggestions :) .

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Not sure how quickly you expect an injury to heal. But you haven't even had the dog a week.


Deep breath!


Did you do any reading? One really useful book is "Greyhounds for Dummies." I found it invaluable!


Susan,  Hamish,  Mister Bigglesworth and Nikita Stanislav. Missing Ming, George, and Buck

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It's perfectly normal for him to be shy and reticent at first, so please don't worry.


Me and my partner got Harry just over a year ago and he was exactly the same. I came to this site for A LOT of advice. But he's changed so much in that time. He used to be so wary of any attention from us and now he can't get enough of it. He's still shy around strangers but that's just his personality.


Enjoy these first few months with him. Every little breakthrough is special! The first time I took Harry up the stairs he whimpered because he didn't know what was going on (I felt terrible) and now our bedroom is his favourite in the house - he takes himself up there for peace and quiet!


Greyhounds are a special breed. It's easy to compare them to other dogs and expect them to be boisterous and affectionate right away but their start in life can be very different, so it takes a while for them to adjust... but as they do, you develop such a special bond.


Good luck to you both! Keep us posted.

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