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Ascities With Nothing Showing On Tests!

Guest Joann

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Guest Joann

I adopted my lovely grey 2 years ago from Florida. We live in Nova Scotia Canada. His name is Ugo.he first present with watery diareah and pee accidents in the house. He was due to be wormed so I did. He then developed ascities. I took him to the vet. We have done multiple multiple tests ..urinalysis a few...blood work a few..4dx..2 ultrasounds and xrays. The fluid is just clear water nothing really in it.


He does have a 3+ protein finding in his urine. He acts completely normal huge appetite of course wants treats barks and is excited when I return home from work etc. Nothing is showing in all these tests ..I've spent $2500 in a month on tests and meds. With no answers. He is on 2 lacix meds and fortekor. Was also on 30 day antibiotic.he has been tapped 4 times. He was tapped two days ago and yesterday he woke up with an adema on his right side. .it is less today and I don't see signs as if yet of the ascites returning...I'm not getting my hopes up though. I know it session like kidney or liver ..but...Nothing is showing that the organs are not functioning. Nothing in ultrasound showing disease or masses or tumors. If anyone has any insight please share..I'm love my boy. The vets seem to think he's a mystery at the moment. Thank you for your help.

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