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Newish Grey To Us With Diarrhea

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I have had my new grey for about a month or so. All was well until (I think this was the trigger) my husband had an injury and things were stressful in the home. For the last week or so our cute little grey has had diarrhea, going in the house several times. I take him out a lot more now and he goes, but doesn't produce much. I think I have seen some red in his diarrhea. He has had two negative fecal exams in the last month, once when adopted and another a couple of days ago. We have him on rice and very lean hamburger, no kibble for two days now. How much longer should I let this go on. If I go back to the doctor wouldn't they want to do a bunch of invasive tests? Should I try a couple of days yet. He is not vomiting, is drinking and eats his rice/hamburger meals eagerly. Thanks for any advice.

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No need for invasive tests. A negative fecal isn't worth the paper it's printed on, especially with a grey who is recently off the track. All it means is that there was nothing present in that particular sample. It doesn;t mean that there aren't parasites or worms of some type, which can be common when off the track. It will sometimes take 2 or 3 de-wormings to really get anything that's in there.


I would ask the vet to do a round of Panacur, and give you enough to do another round as directed on the package in 2-3 weeks (I forget the exact time on the directions.) Additionally, since there is blood in the stool, I would also ask about using Metronidazole for about 10 days to help heal the stomach. Between the two treatments, it will take care of 99% of most problems. That bloody / gelatin looking stuff is normal when the stomach lining is irritated, and the metronidazole will help it quickly.


Never withhold medical care because you are afraid of invasive tests, especially for GI issues. They are often easily treated and not uncommon in a new hound. Your new hound is already streseed from a major change in routine and life, and then you've indicated that there's even more stress in the house that triggered something. Should be easily treated. If the Panacur doesn't take care of it, there are some stronger dewormers (Drontal Plus) that will go after other parasites, and they all work well to treat specific types. of worms, giardia, etc.


In the meantime, the bland diet will help calm the tummy, but does not contan much nutrition. A few days on it is usually sifficient. In addition to the hamburger, which should be boiled and rinsed to remove fat, aand way overcooked mushy pasta to give it some substance. You can also add scrambled eggs. I have found those to work well. The pasta will digest easier tha nrice, but if you use rice, make sure it is also way overcooked with at least twice as much water as called for in the directions (use regular white rice, not instant). Ease back into the kibble when the diarrhea subsides by adding a little at a time to the bland meal.


Instead of cooking ground beef, I usually use some canned chicken food (Evangers Organic Cooked Chicken) which is bland, contains only chicken and water, and is ground to make it more digestible than the ground beef. It works well to mix with pasta, eggs etc to make a quick bland meal. I keep a case of it on hand just for bland meals since we have a hound who has occasional stress colitis.


Good luck. It;s not as bad as it looks.


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I also like the canned chicken, as long as your dog tolerates fowl. I like using home cooked oatmeal instead of rice. It is more easily digested. Also white potatoes and sweet potatoes work, too. Slippery elm bark made into a tea coats the stomach. This is purchased in your health food store.


I use the three day rule; if whatever is going wrong with the dog, I usually, if able, wait three days before a vet visit. Of course, there are some issues that I wouldn't wait an hour. You have to decide that.


Good luck.

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it won't hurt to see your vet. along with worming your dog might need some flagyl. sometimes one round work, somethings two. i swear by rice and ground cooked beef routine, 30% beef or lean chicken, 70% overcooked rice(add too much water to the rice when cooking, you will end up w/ a strange pot of white glutinous stuff). once the runs are under control then s-l-o-w-l-y add in kibble 1/3c at a time. yup, your going to need a huge bowl and it's best to feed 3xs a day if possible. do remember to bring a stool sample in to the vet.

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