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Separation Anxiety

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I thought I had worked Willow up to enough time alone in the house that she would be ok if we out for three hours to a pot luck at friends. Willow is the youngest of our two greys and exhibits more puppy behavior.


I was greeted with a destroyed dog beg upon our return and our other grey (Hoku), whippet (Pablo), and Chuinni (Buddy) were quite upset and needed many pets to comfort them. Apparently willow was barking and carrying on for hours.




Hoku is the dog laying by the ruined bed. Willow was off slinking into the corner looking guilty off camera.


I have had whippets since the late 80's and feel confident raising two young greys, but never feel like you have everything wired. That is when you get a new surprise that bites you. Oh well, the bed is in the trash, we hauled in a old bed to replace it. Willow will get more alone time at night in increasing amounts and we will see what happens. Got to keep your sense of humor even when something gets wrecked.



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I wouldn't necessarily see this as typical separation anxiety. She obviously isn't completely alone, since you have other dogs. She could be having a "personal" separation anxiety - separation from her humans, rather than anxiety just to being alone.


Or sometimes it depends on the time of day. She might be perfectly fine during the day, but being alone (without humans) at night isn't all right yet. It might also have to do with what she sees as a disruption in her schedule. You, the human, are supposed to come home and do certain things on certain days - she *knows* what the schedule is and some need that routine more than others.

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