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Pannus - What To Expect?

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We have been treating Alex for a few years. Both eyes. Our veterinary eye specialist currently has him on a maintenance schedule of 2x/day Tacrolimus 0.02% Aqueous drops and once-a-week 1% Prednisone drops. She sees him less often now, as she is pleased that we have arrested further progression of this auto-immune disease.


For me, the drops are easier to administer than the ointment, and Alex is a trooper with them.


The big thing is to keep him from sunbathing, which he loves to do!

Cheryl - "Mom" to RUNNER (Gunnah, born 6/15/2012) and FARGO (Ridin Shotgun, born 8/21/2015). Missing my Grey-Angels HEISMAN (RX Heisman) (3/29/2005-2/1/2016) and ALEX (Bevenly) (4/15/2005-6/7/2018).

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