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Training Greyhound Downs

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I noticed over the last couple of months there were quite a few posts about people having trouble teach new dogs or foster dogs, how to lie down or sit. I'd been meaning to put together a little video, but just never really got around to it. Well, I finally decided to sit down and do a quick edit of some videos, of me running through a series of foster dogs with a variety of temperaments and trainability. With the exception of the last dog, a 7 yr old Lurcher named Forrest, I did not have these foster dogs for very long. Forrest was with me for about 2 months and so I was able to work with him a lot more, which is why he is at the end showing an almost "final product". The first dog, Rianna, I had for about 2 weeks and was the least food motivated. The brindle, Gracie, I had for 3 days. The black girl, Georgia, I had for about 5 and I really wish I could have had more time with her because she was really fun to work with. However, the point is that you can train almost any personality or level of motivation, it's just about patience and finding what works. I really like using the lure under the leg, and I have no trouble getting down on the ground, however when I teach this in class I often show people how to do it sitting in a chair since it doesn't require getting down on the ground. I had a foster too that really didn't like the pressure from my leg and was strong enough to push through it, so I actually started him with walking under my legs, and then I slowly started squatting lower and lower to make him crouch... it was a good excuse to skip the gym too!


Hope this is helpful and remember to have fun!



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Guest CleverJason

I just gave mine a treat whenever he laid down (which was pretty much any time he wasn't moving). He learned "down" in just a few days.

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