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Finn Is *terrified* Of Bees

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Our almost-4-year-old is terrified of bees, and basically any loud/large flying insect. We have loads of carpenter bees - slow moving, big and loud - and he has decided that he will not go outside if he sees or hears a bee. I tried enticing him with his favorite treats, and I got him out on the deck, but a bee swooped by (about 15' away) and he took off like a shot. I put him on the leash and took him out front for a quick walk, as I know he needs to go - and he almost strangled himself, and almost dislocated my shoulder, trying to get away from a bee that he heard (I didn't even see it) to run back in the house.


Any ideas on how to gently desensitize him? I don't want to make matters worse, but he kinda needs to be okay going outside, as we're going to have lots of bees & bugs all spring & summer. :(

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Finn sounds just like me! :lol I'm not sure how you'd go about desensitizing to them other than just hanging out in the yard with him on a leash. If you have a deck chair (the kind that you can lean back and relax in, not the flimsy plastic type) maybe spend some time in that with him on a bed next to you, feeding him hotdogs or delicious treats periodically? That's all I can think of... Hopefully someone else will have more ideas for you!

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This might sound crazy... but what if you caught a bee in a jar and brought it inside... then gave him a treat to associate the sound of buzzing with a treat? Just thinking out loud here...


But don't desensitize him too much! A healthy level of respect is good. Kili always terrifies me by following bees and wasps around trying to sniff and/or catch them.

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Yeah, we've had a couple bee hunters, too! It's pretty bad, as I just let him out after dinner (he hasn't gone out since 8:00 am) and he wouldn't go. I put his collar on and gently brought him out, basically dragged him. But he refuses to leave the deck. He is just standing at the door...and the bees aren't even out right now! They sleep pretty early, so nothing flying around at all except the birds. I walked around the yard a bit, but he is having none of it. All I can do is leave him out there until he goes. I just want him to see there aren't even any bees out right now, this is just so strange. We adopted him last May and he never liked the bees, but he is just terrified today. Carpenter bees don't even sting unless you like step on them or something, but his feet are fine.


This is just heart-breaking. :(

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My vet reccommended these for my spook, as she was so afraid of sounds. She uses them for her show horses. They might work for your boy if he's anxious about the buzzing.

Pomms Equestrian Earplugs


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Wingnut is terrified of flies. We can't take him to outdoor events in the summer. And heaven forbid one gets into the house. We have to kill it and show him the body and he still takes a while to calm back down. How he raced over 100 races in W. Memphis, AR is beyond me. I'm guessing he was running away from the flies. We haven't found anything yet that calms him down.

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Guest Jordan33

This sounds like me! If it's bee/wasp shaped and/or black and yellow stripped, I'm running in the other direction. I don't care what you tell me about bumble bees!

These ideas sound pretty good, but Instead of catching a real bee, try going on YouTube and finding bee videos. That will at least give you the sound without the worry of an angry bee.

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