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Whining And Pacing At Night

Guest Mull

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Rory has starting whining and pacing around at night. He's baffling me because he'll also be actively playing. Throw/mouth stuffed toy, then cry, then play with toy some more. His ears are up so he doesn't look like he's anxious or in pain to me, but I could be wrong. :/ After a while, he will then pace around the house looking for something. Often he will find something else he considers to have toy potential (alas, my husband's shearling slippers are not for dogs) and bring it back to his bed. Does anyone have any ideas on what's up?

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If anything, it feels a little humid in the house--it's been so nice out that the door has been open half the day.


He has decided to go run upstairs when I offer to let him outside for the last two days. -.- And today he peed up there not ten minutes later. He has been pretty much perfect housetraining-wise for the two weeks we have had him. Sigh.

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I suspect this is part of him just not understanding new routines yet. At the kennels he was shut in for the night, but with other dogs around him, and probably an earlier start each day than in your house - I know both my guys (who had never lived in a house before) had to learn that the day here doesn't start until the alarm clock goes off.


Now that Rory's the only dog and has freedom to move about, he is understandably experimenting with establishing a cool new routine for himself - which includes playtime :bounce2 . So it's up to you to teach him that it doesn't - does he sleep in your bedroom? If not I would recommend it, at least for the time being - it will help him settle in with your family. Close the door (after making sure he hasn't brought any of his toys in with him, and putting slippers etc out of reach!), and settle him down on a comfy bed. I always give a small treat at this point, as I say goodnight.


Then if he wants to get up in the night, firmly say 'sshhh - settle down! sleeptime'. You may have to do this more than once, and it may take several nights. And you will also want to be sure that he doesn't actually need a loo break - if you think this could be the case, take him down and let him out and in again in silence and without making a fuss of him. Otherwise he may think loo breaks are an exciting new night routine - I once had this problem with Doc, one night he really did have an upset stomach and needed to go out. Then for several nights after that he tried waking me at the same time, hoping for an outing. But I could tell from his manner that he was trying it on :evil so he was sent back to bed.



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Gilly Boy started doing that once and to my surprise the vet diagnosed and successfully treated him for back pain. It was his spine that was bothering him. It will ocassionally happen every blue moon again but after being treated with some Robaxin & Tramadol for a few days he gets well.

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