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My Big Male Rarely Lifts His Leg To Pee

Guest Skynjet

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Guest Skynjet

I have a tall fawn big boy and he only lifts legs about 20% of the time. I wouldnt care so much but he pisses on his front legs, and of course thats nasty and takes time to clean etc.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to try to fix this. He doesnt even squat like a girl, which id be fine with, he just stands to pee.


He has a sister that we got at the same time , so she squats


Any thoughts would be appreciated

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He is who he is...

I keep a clean squirt bottle of plain water next to the door for quick leg/paw rinses, and a towel.

It only takes a few seconds, and I consider it a special time to positively bond with our hound/s. :)

Many male Greyhounds do not lift their legs to urinate because their kennel yards are limited size

or due to old injury, or arthritis. If urine is rinsed off before it dries, there's no odor.


Another option is to purchase a doggie construction cone, or doggie fire hydrant made with an elimination attractant.

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You can also keep baby wipes handy by the door, or those packets for hand sanitizing if you're out and about. It's a very common behavior for large breed dogs.

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Is your boy new?

Jack never lifted his leg, then 2 months later, he did to mark. I guess he just didn't feel at home enough to mark before that.

But yea, usually he leans in the yard. We keep a towel by the door, the "pee paw" and that's that :)

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Guest normaandburrell

Iceman doesn't lift his leg either unless he is trying to pee on a bush or tree. Fortunately, he does the stallion stretch, so he doesn't hit his front legs. He does however occasionally get a little piece of poop that sticks to his butt, so I keep baby wipes by the door for any cleanup needs.

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Be thankful he's not a confirmed leg lifter. I had a foster last year that wouldn't stretch to pee unless he was ready to burst open. He came here the day before our first snow and I didn't realize how big of an issue it was. So I didn't prepare the yard to make clearings around anything vertical....and last winter was a long and nasty one. I would usually have to turn him loose in the barn and he would pee on old hay bales or the side of the walls.

Most of my male GH's stretched to pee. Many times they have one front leg further back than another. If it's the one nearest me, I will give gentle tugs on the leash and they will move that foot forward.

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