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Chase Needs Your Healing Thoughts

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Thank you for your good thoughts. He's at home right now. I had them give him more fluids and run a quick in house bloodwork on him. Liver enzymes were normal. That of course doesn't mean that he's out of danger but I don't want to add to his stress by taking him to the e-vet. I will though if I see signs of cola colored urine.

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Oh, the poor boy! And poor you. I know how stressful and scary it is when this happens. I'll be sending good thoughts to both of you, and hoping he continues to improve.

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Just looked this up and read this -http://pets.thenest.com/rhabdomyolysis-greyhounds-6571.html


Is it a muscle strain? I've never heard of this before. Or is it something as a result of the dental? Curiour because my boy is going in on Friday for a dental and x-rays for a recurring limp because of sore muscles so I'm trying to piece this together.


Thinking of Chase

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So glad Chase is recovering at home now. He is in our healing thoughts.


A couple of our hounds have had extreme stress-related medical circumstances while at the vet hospital. You may already do this for Chase, but something we found helpful is to minimize their hospital waiting times. Example: If their surgery is scheduled for mid-day, we don't drop them off at 7:00 or 8:00 AM, leaving them to stress out (over heat) while waiting several hours for their scheduled surgery time. If they have an early morning surgery time slot, we pick them up as soon as they can be safely discharged, meaning we don't leave them waiting at the hospital all afternoon until it's more convenient for their human to pick them up.


Please let us know how Chase's condition progresses.

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I'm glad to hear Chase is recovering.

Malignant Hyperthermia from anaesthesia is very scary, I think they are supposed to have Dantrolene on hand to stop it.

Most hounds have a NON-malignant hyperthermic event. Stress induced. True MA is a reaction to the anesthetic gas and is fatal unless dantrolene is given. Once a true MA has been experienced always a MA will be experienced-thankfully, it's very rare.

So, chances are if your dog had prior general anesthesia (spay/neuter...) and didn't need dantrolene your dog didn't have a true MA event.

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Just seeing this now. I hope Chase is okay. I just finally got around to submitting Violet's records to insurance for her similar post dental incident so I've been reliving it. She already desperately needs another dental and I'm too afraid to do it right now. :( It really sucks that our pups react this way, makes everything so much more complicated. Maybe when Chase is feeling better we can swap notes on how to reduce the likelihood of this in the future. We tried, but I know a few specific places where things went wrong for us in the reducing stress department.


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hope he's doing ok!!! :hope

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