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Ok To Feed Raw Mushrooms?


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I have, never heard any reason not to nor had any problems. As long as they're safe for humans (not the annoying ones that grow in my backyard), I think it's fine.

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I don't because I worry they might try to eat a wild mushroom if they see one.

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I treat mushrooms like I do carob: they are safe to give dogs, but then could lead them to try wild mushrooms or chocolate, which aren't. So I don't give those to the dogs, so I have hopefully less chance of them eating something that is not safe for them


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Thank you folks. He's leash walked (no fenced yard here) so chances of encountering wild mushrooms are rare.


Haha, just tried, turns out he doesn't even care for it! Problem solved! Probably only likes them sauteed like mommy!

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I was about to say that as far as I know they are safe to offer but I learned long ago that mushrooms and eggplant are among the few veggies my hounds don't want.

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