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Getting Up At 4 A.m.

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I have had Breeze for about three months now (started out as a foster!). She has really come along day from being a very sad dog to a very happy dog. She is great with other dogs, no SA and an absolute sweetheart.


But for a while now she is getting me up at 4 or 5 o'clock every morning to go out -- she really does need to pee and sometimes poo. Alternatively, she is fine during the day and does not want to go out even for about 8 or 9 hours.


She has had tests including UTI. Has any one else gone through this and changed this schedule? I am not sure if it is just becoming a habit. I have tried withholding water (which I don't like to do) and feeding her at different times but this does not work either.


Any comments would be welcome. Thank you.

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When is the last time you take her out? Perhaps you can go out later and then she needs to go later in the morning, too?

I take my boys out when I come home from work, mostly 2.00 and 3.00 am. Problem is they want to go out the same time even when I'm not working.

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One trick I think has been posted here before: Wake her up before she wakes you up by setting the alarm clock for 3:45am and then take her out to pee. Go back to bed. Repeat gradually pushing the alarm setting for closer to your normal rising time. Hopefully she'll pick up on the cue of the alarm as her time to get up.


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Yes, the alarm thing works well.

It might take a week or two but the grey will learn that alarm means getting up. We take our boy out at 11pm, then he is up at 6am when our alarm goes off. 9pm he will get us up at 5am to pee. But he too will not go out during the day sometimes to pee.

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