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Safe And Effective Tick Control That's Not Preventic?

Guest Vers

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As much as I like the ultra-effectiveness of Preventic collars, Simba has twice had a bad reaction in the six years we've used them. I'll be asking my vet as well, but are there tick repellents that have been safe and effective for your greys other than Preventic?



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We have been using Bravecto without any side effects. It's an oral flea and tick preventative given every 3 months (which is nice, because it is a huge pill and Sweep is not a fan of taking it).


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I've used both Advantix and Nexgard on my guys (not at the same time... different years). I may try Bravecto this year so I don't have to give medication as frequently.

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As far as I know, the only things that REPEL ticks are Preventic and I believe K9 Advantix.


All of the others kill the ticks, but not until they are actually on your dog.


I'm using Nexgard now. Seems to work well. Frontline Plus stopped working on fleas, so I had to switch. Buck has never had a tick embedded. He is so bald, and so blonde, that I can see them walking on him well before they get a chance to chow down.


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We're doing good with the Seresto collar. Not sure how close in formula it is to the Preventic though. :dunno


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Thank you for all of your suggestions. I'm leaning toward Bravecto after what I've read off-site about its efficacy, but will review all of these with my vet. There's still some time before the weather warms up here.


I'm still a proponent of the Preventic collars, just not for Simba.

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I've used Bravecto the past year and it's worked greyt...but to ensure I don't have to set continual reminders, I'm thinking of using the Seresto collars. What size does everyone get for their pups? Small or Large? Large just seems like a waste as they're so big for the greys....

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I would use Bravecto if we had a tick problem here. But they are few and I read an article about black seed oil acting as a repellant. It works in this area - 3 ticks last year, on all of my dogs together.

A friend of mine rubs cocnut oil into her greys' coats before going for a walk. It helps great but you have to be fast. The dogs love the oil and start to lick it off each other. ;-)

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We have used the Preventix collars for 3 years with good results.

No irritation.

Very few ticks on the dogs......we are very rural and in a very high tick zone. We see multiple deer every single day.


I do take them off when the dogs go to school or the old age home.

And yes...it would be nice if they came in colours :)


FYI...the sticky lint rollers do pick up ticks that have not imbedded. I always run one over our hounds after we've been out for a walk.


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Thats a shame the Preventic doesn't agree with her! We love our Preventic collars. I won't use the other stuff-I'm just scared they would hurt my dogs. You might try the Springtime Garlic for dogs. I think it works pretty good too. I use the granules because the wafers I was afraid they might not want to eat. I also use the Adams spray ons as I think they are are fairly safe-in fact I have used them on myself!

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