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Low Specific Gravity

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Wally has been having quite a few accidents in the house lately. He also has been having issues with dragging and tripping with his hind legs.

I had a previous thread about issues recently. I had him at the vets last week and just managed to talk to the vet today about his blood / urine results.


His blood work came back pristine, but his specific gravity on the urine test was quite low. It was 1.017, this was collected during his first morning pee. The vet noted in October it was at 1.028 ( also the first morning pee)


The vet wants a recheck in a month and didn't say any specific things I should do or change in the mean time. Is this the correct approach?

She also gave him gabapentin for his hind legs to see if it helps him out. She said she will add a NSAID after 2 weeks if he is still having trouble with his legs. I'm hoping it does work for him.

Hobbes-Ricard Hatch09/23/99-12/21/09 Always loved, never forgotten. Wally TNJ Boy Howdy, GLS Genuinerisk Corinna

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